Meet Totango at Chief Customer Officer Fall 2018 Conference

The Chief Customer Officer Fall, 2018 (CCO), held September 12th-13th in San Diego, is an interactive peer-lead conference attracting senior-level customer focused professionals. Totango, the leading Customer Success solution, is participating at this year’s conference where the topics consists of best practices and strategies driving customer-centricity in enterprise businesses.

The Customer Success Buzz at CCO

Attracting over 130+ senior CX leaders and Chief Customer Officers, CCO Fall ‘18 deals with a number of key topics and themes ranging from strategy alignment across silos, to recruitment policies, to building a customer-centric culture of innovation. Organizations are finally recognizing they cannot afford to ignore their most important asset—their customer.

That’s where Customer Success comes into play. One of the hottest topics at this year’s CCO is what a Customer Success program really means and how to get started.

Most business leaders today understand that providing a great customer care experience has a substantial impact when it comes to customer retention and increased revenue. Business leaders are tasked with bringing greater customer-centricity into their organizations or face challenges such as being unable to scale their programs or deliver more value to their customers.

Measure Success Along the Customer Journey with Totango 

The biggest takeaways from CCO Fall ‘18 are the impactful ways to add value to every step along the customer journey and the increased focus on Customer Success solutions.

Customer success programs align your company’s success with your customer’s success, by unlocking customer insights. Are you delivering value to your customers? Is your renewal at risk? Are they ready for an upsell? Businesses can turn these insights into actions. and monitor their customer data streams to drive proactive engagements with customers which in turn drives results.

In a digital world where the customer is in the driver seat, Totango enables enterprises to center around their customers and increase overall customer lifetime value.

Learn more about Totango’s suite of customer success management products or visit Totango at CCO Fall ’18 at our booth!

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