Be more reliable! (Deliver consistent customer experiences)

A new year, a new start! Wish your company could make improvements to your customer success program in 2016? We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better!


Why you need this Resolution: If CSM Bob gives an A+ onboarding experience and CSM Daisy doesn’t, whose customer will create more support tickets and be less likely to renew? Seems like CSM Daisy needs more training. Maybe you have 5 more Daisy’s in different offices that need better training too. Bottomline, as your team expands and customer base grows, you need standardized, streamlined processes. It is crucial to develop guidelines and best practices to make sure every customer is receiving the same value from your product and a consistent experience throughout every stage of the customer journey.

Holy Moly! Proven results: – Whether you have a large team spread around the world like Vend, or have a small team of creative CSMs like UserTesting, you can streamline processes and increase consistency like both these companies have done.

itemeditorimage_55ad3937e2663Customer: Vend

Lauren Taylor, Manager of Customer Success Operations and Training, explains that they were able to build out plans for onboarding and nurturing based on different customer profiles, but they had issues scaling the operations once the business expanded globally. Team operations were managed in different systems. Once Vend implemented Totango and started using SuccessPlays they were able to provide best practices, recommended tasks, and workflows to all global teams based on customers’ specific actions. Now Vend’s Customer Success team is well-equipped to provide a consistent customer experience to all customers.

hqdefaultCustomer: UserTesting

Director of Client Operations at UserTesting, he explains that when they were starting out they had a small team of creative, successful CSMs, but each CSM had their own approach to helping customers. As they began to grow, they needed to become more reliable and consistent. With Totango’s help, UserTesting started to understand and identify their customers’ changing expectations and help each CSM allocate the right resources at the right time.

Getting Started:

Identify the key processes and best practices your Customer Success team should be following during each stage of the customer journey e.g. onboarding, renewal, and upsell. Where are things done in an ad hoc manner? Where can consistency be improved? Consider using a tool like Totango’s SuccessPlays to automate and standardize workflows and customer touchpoints.

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