Introducing Customer Experience Canvas

Introducing Customer Experience Canvas

Does this sound familiar to you? Your team sets out to map a new customer success workflow or process, but each person has a different way of doing it. You may prefer using sticky notes, while another team member likes slide decks and yet another prefers digital mapping tools. After you finally decide on which medium to use and manually map out your journey, then you each use a different tool to run campaigns and tasks. 

Having your design systems separate from your run systems means that the design stage of your customer journey is disconnected from the rest of the process. This means that your journey map diagrams quickly become outdated, so every time you want to make a change, you have to update multiple tools.  

Enter Canvas.

What is Canvas?

Totango’s Customer Experience Canvas is the first and only solution that enables you to visually design, build, run, measure and iterate on any customer journey in real time. It allows you to create a visual representation of the customer journey that everyone in your organization from the CEO down can understand and utilize. Plus, it’s a no-code solution that supports every customer journey – from onboarding to nurture to renewal and everything in between. And for the cherry on top, there are roughly two dozen templates in Totango’s Customer Experience Marketplace, making it even faster to get started with new journeys for your business. Let’s take a look at some of Canvas’ key features.


Key Features of Canvas

  • Visual Collaboration: With Canvas, your teams can collaborate in real time via a shared visual workspace to align, innovate, activate and show off customer campaigns and programs. Rather than working in silos on individual tasks, Canvas unites all teams across customer success, marketing, sales, product, finance and more, giving everyone a holistic view of the customer journey and providing insight so you can hone in on any gaps and implement changes quickly. 
  • Journey Mapping Made Simple Customer journey mapping can be complicated – especially when everyone uses different mapping and activation tools. With Canvas, your team can work together in one space to lay out the flow of your customer journeys and group customer communications and automations together in a logical way. Plus, our modern drag-and-drop tool, called Tracks, makes it incredibly simple and intuitive to design and build winning customer journeys.
  • Easy Activation and Optimization: It’s one thing to design an awesome customer journey, but it’s another thing to activate and optimize it. You can’t tap one of those sticky notes on your whiteboard and turn it into a campaign, but you can click on a card in Canvas to activate a workflow, send an email or see real-time insights into your customer’s experience. With Canvas, running and optimizing a campaign is as simple as pushing play.

Design and Run All-in-One

Taking your customer journey from design to action is no easy feat – especially when you’re working with a variety of disconnected systems. With Canvas, however, you can design your customer journey and then activate the steps immediately with no gaps in time, no switching between programs and no potential human errors. Plus, it’s filled with tools, templates, and best practices to help you quickly and easily get started, iterate and grow. Ready to see for yourself? Sign up for Totango for free today to get started.

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