Business Insights

Free Trial Average Conversion Rate and Other Metrics

< 1 – min read Following Lincoln Murphy’s post on (talking about conversion average rate for free trials, pricing pages or Freemium for SaaS or Web Apps), conversion rate …

Customer Analytics

Measuring User Engagement in Web Applications

< 1 – min read I came across “What is user engagement” article by Jordan Willms of Work at Play. In this post, Jordan defines a good engagement metric as …

3 Key Customer Engagement Metrics
Best Practices

Top 3 Metrics to Measure Customer Engagement

2 – min read Businesses these days are making significant efforts to delight their customers, and for good reasons. One of the key areas where businesses focus their efforts …


Product Update: How Much Time Are Users Investing in Your Web-App?

< 1 – min read Understanding the amount of time users spend in your application, and the actions they take, is the best way to know the level of value …

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