The Trial Flood Now Works For You

Sales and marketing departments in SaaS companies share a dream: A trial flood. A well-lubricated acquisition funnel that generates an endless, fast-paced stream of new trial users on their way to becoming happy customers.

But what happens once the trial flood begins?

Often, the dream becomes a nightmare as the organization tries to figure out how to convert this flood of trials into paying customers. With so many trials happening, where should sales attention go to? Which accounts should be engaged directly? Which should be nurtured? Which ignored?

The answers to these questions are, of course, hidden in trial users’ usage profile. The Trial Inbox brings them out and makes sure the team is focused on the most promising accounts in trial.

Trial Inbox

Trial Inbox contains a focused list of trial customers based on activity segmentation. The out of the box categorization includes Hot, New, Active and Inactive trials. In addition, we’ve added some nice visualization into the individual customers’ records that help filter and navigate quickly.

The image below is a screenshot of the trial inbox in action. If you’re not already part of the beta program, please make sure to drop us your email here.

Don’t let the trial flood catch you by surprise. Use the Trial Inbox and make it work for you.

Game changer for customer success! Request Demo.
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