Totango Announces Dynamic Assignment

At Totango we strive to deliver cutting-edge approaches to the challenges facing the Customer Success industry.  Today we are thrilled to announce our latest innovation, Totango Dynamic Assignment. This groundbreaking capability allows organizations to assign customer-focused work to team members based on their skill sets and availability, rather than a designated customer book of business. 

Today most of the CS industry works in a static proactive model, where a Success Manager is assigned to an account or to a set of accounts and monitor their behavior to act accordingly. A CSM is responsible for few or many accounts (low touch versus high touch coverage models). This model might lead to situations where specific accounts can wait for a long time depending on the individual CSM’s workload or the customer could be in a situation where the assigned CSM does not have the right expertise for their needs.

Imagine that ACME Co. has 40 CSMs that are responsible for 15 versions of ACME products. ACME customers reside around the globe and prefer to get help in their first language. The ACME engagement model with customers is low touch, with no designated CSMs for accounts.  ACME uses this model to meet their CS budget but sometimes struggles to provide a good experience as customers often get routed and rerouted between resources to get the help they need. Let’s say a customer based in Germany has a question regarding AcmeStar, one of ACME’s many products, and he needs a quick answer. He reaches out to ask for help and will ideally work with a CSM fluent in German, located in his time zone, who has knowledge of the product ‘AcmeStar’ and has time as soon as possible.

It’s important to assign the task to the right team member to provide the best experience. How would ACME’s Director of CS know which CSM has capacity to help and the matching skill set for the customer’s needs? How can ACME ensure that when customers need help, they’ll have the right CSM who speaks their language, has the appropriate knowledge and has time to address the question quickly?

Leveraging Totango Dynamic Assignment we will dynamically select a resource that meets these criteria and assign a CSM to help the customer. In a few seconds, Totango assigns the task to the right person based on their skill set and availability.

Hear from David Mckenney – SVP Digital Advancement, Bentley Systems, on how powerful the model is and how it enabled Bentley to achieve their goal.

The new model that we now offer enables you to match team member skill sets to customer needs, allowing you to define the specific criteria to match a customer to a CSM (language, time zone, etc.) and make sure he has the time to assist the customer.

We are proud to launch Dynamic Assignment at this time of the year not only because Totango is the first product in the market that provide it, but also because we know that this will enable our customers to drive for more value with their customer success team.

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