Totango Releases Spark Customer Success Platform

Today, Totango released its Spark Platform to provide customers with proven results quickly. Spark, the next generation customer success platform, guides enterprises through the successful completion of each stage of the customer journey with relevant information, analytics and best practices to help them achieve their business goals faster.

Catch Guy’s announcement of Spark at Customer Success Summit on March 5:

Spark provides modular units of value, called SuccessBLOCs, which you can use out-of-the-box or can easily customize to meet your business needs. Each SuccessBLOC includes a set of best practices, key metrics, and communication templates to enable you to execute quickly and effectively at every stage. They are the most effective tools to provide 1) short time to value, 2) the right level of engagement to achieve your goals, and 3) fast results to successfully complete every stage of the journey.

Imagine being able to manage the customer journey like this:

Goal-oriented approach

If you think about your customer success practice, you may already use 40+ SuccessBlocs, depending on the maturity of your CS organization. Some are highlighted below. Now, instead of having to organize all aspects of customer management across multiple dashboards, laptops, drives, tools, and people’s brainsit is all available in an intuitive, goal-oriented platform.

Which of these “SuccessBLOCs” do you already have in progress?

"Definition of a user-friendly tool!" Request Demo.

Types of SuccessBlocs

Spark is designed to expedite the implementation, adoption, and impact of Customer Success initiatives across large enterprises. In today’s release of Spark, customers can access a new Executive Console, a set of four dashboards that give visibility into goals achieved across health, team performance, revenue, and usage metrics; and Health Designer, the most flexible and accurate solution for defining and accurately predicting real-time customer health.

Watch Ravit’s demo of Spark at Customer Success Summit on March 5:

What can Spark do for you and your company? As Pat Horne, VP Client Success at Phreesia, shares, “Spark SuccessBLOCs gives us a different view of the same great Totango data and reinforces that we are focused on the right outcomes to drive the right business results for our CS strategy.”

Spark can help you easily answer these 3 questions:

The Big ROI

  1. How do I know if my CSMs are doing the right work?
  2. How can I speed up the results of our CS programs?
  3. How do I know if our investment in CS is paying off?

Totango’s Spark Customer Success Platform is the solution you need to move fast, drive impact, and get results! Request a demo today.

Game changer for customer success! Request Demo.
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