How to Scale Customer Success Operations

If you were presented with the opportunity to double or triple the size of your business virtually overnight, what would you say? For most people, the answer would be a swift “yes, please!” But what about all of the growing pains that come along with that expansion? For one thing, how would you scale your customer success operations quickly enough to meet the demand that this type of growth requires? Well, that is exactly the scenario that Wisr faced in 2020, experiencing just over 300 percent growth in one wild and crazy year. Totango was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Wisr’s VP of Customer Success Christine Knific in a fantastic webinar about how the company tackled this tremendous task and came out on top.

Watch the Webinar: Steps to Scale Your Customer Success Operations Overnight

In the webinar, Christine explains how the COVID-19 pandemic forced Wisr to transform their business model to meet the new needs of their customers extremely quickly. The company experienced a giant boom in business, and yet, they had only one person handling all customer relations. This was not sustainable for Wisr, so the company had to build and scale its customer success team virtually overnight.

8 Steps for Scaling Customer Success

To quickly scale their customer success team, Wisr followed eight proven steps, which Christine explains in-depth in the webinar. These steps included:

  1. Set up a customer success organization by hiring people that have the right skills and experience for your unique business – even if this means sacrificing one skill set for another.
  2. Get as much visibility as possible into your company, customers, and products.
  3. Learn your company’s current customer journey – no matter how basic or advanced it may be.
  4. Train your CS team with defined processes and procedures to enable them to confidently handle customers and make informed decisions on their own.
  5. Plan strategically in order to scale successfully.
  6. Evolve to a tiered coverage model to handle more clients without overwhelming your CS team.
  7. Implement automation to help scale effectively.
  8. Begin advanced journey mapping to determine the next steps for building customer loyalty and continuing to provide value.

Start Scaling Today

To learn more about Wisr’s journey and these proven steps that Christine and the team took to scale their customer success operations, check out the webinar here. And when you’re ready to get started scaling your own CS operations, let us help! Sign up for Totango for free today at

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