how to land your next cs job

Land your Next Customer Success Manager Job with these 3 Tips

4 – min read Whether you’ve worked in the customer success industry for a while or you’ve recently decided that this is the career path for you, searching for …

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5 CSM Interview Questions
Best Practices

5 Customer Success Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

4 – min read Being a Customer Success Manager (CSM) can be an extremely rewarding career. A CSM works hand-in-hand with customers, guiding them through the customer journey and …

How to fight customer success burnout, cs quality of life, work life balance
Best Practices

5 Stress Management Techniques for the Busy Customer Success Professional

3 – min read If you’ve been following along in our series about burnout and mental health in customer success, then you already know how to spot signs of …

create a customer centric road map
Customer Centricity

How to Build a Customer Centric Roadmap for Your SaaS Product

4 – min read Knowing how to build a customer-centric roadmap helps you align your product development with what your clients truly want. This promotes customer satisfaction, benefiting your clients …

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How to fight customer churn
Customer Retention & Churn

How to Fight Excessive Customer Churn: 4 Winning Strategies

4 – min read Knowing how to fight customer churn is critical for keeping SaaS business models sustainable. The more customers you lose to churn, the more you have …

Totango 2021 Product Update Reel, See what Totango released in 2022
Product updates

It’s a Wrap! 2021 Product Highlights in Review

< 1 – min read In our State of the Customer Success Industry and Salary Report for 2021 customers told us that their top challenges for 2021 included: Ability to …

how to fight burnout
Best Practices

5 Ways Customer Success Leaders are Fighting Burnout

3 – min read Burnout is a dangerous and costly condition that should not be taken lightly. If you’ve noticed any signs of burnout within your team, it’s important …

Warning Signs of Team Burn Out
Best Practices

Five Warning Signs Your Customer Success Team is Burnt Out

4 – min read In a recent poll, we asked customer success professionals to rank their top year-end challenge. Not surprisingly, the number one answer was burnout. Burnout is …

Customer Success Automation Best Practices
Customer Success

6 Essential Messages for Customer Success Manager Automation

4 – min read Building out customer success manager automation depends on the effective use of email and in-app messaging. Planning strategic emails at key milestones in your customer journey …

Customer Loyalty

How to Build Customer Loyalty During the Holiday Season

3 – min read The holidays give you a unique annual opportunity to build goodwill with customers that can last all year and promote long-term loyalty. Because of this, …

Customer Success Insights for 2022
Customer Success

Key Insights to Guide your CS Strategy in 2022

4 – min read  What 2021 Taught SaaS Businesses about Customer Success As the business world adapted to the challenges of 2021, SaaS companies re-examined what customer success means …

Multidimensional Customer Health, Weighted Health, Customer Success Health Score, Account Health
Customer Health

What Makes a Successful Customer Health Journey?

3 – min read Customer health is a critical component of your overall customer success program. More than just customer satisfaction, customer health software helps measure the value customers …

agile customer success software
Customer Success

How to Bring Agile Innovation to Customer Success

4 – min read When you bring agile innovation to customer success, you empower your CS strategy with the latest technology. This gains you the ability to implement CS …

time to upgrade your cs software
Best Practices

When Should You Upgrade CS Software?

4 – min read Whether you’re not using a customer success platform yet or you’re using an aging CS tool, there comes a time when you need to upgrade …

key customer success platform integrations, salesforce, hubspot, dropbox, zuora, jira, zendesk, segment, zapier
Customer Success

8 Customer Success Tools to Enhance Your CS Software

3 – min read Customer success tools extend the functionality of your CS platform, multiplying its value. By connecting data from other success tools to your CS tool, you can …

what you should pay your customer success managers
Customer Success

CSM Compensation Plans: Factors that Matter

3 – min read There is no one-size-fits-all formula for designing customer success compensation plans. Each company is unique and has different goals and KPIs in place that affect …

elevate customer experience
Customer Experience

The New Normal: Today’s Brand Must Elevate Customer Experience to Compete

4 – min read The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to elevate customer experience to stay competitive. As more consumers turned to e-commerce, more companies had to step up …

Totango Aruba Webinar questions and answers
Customer Engagement

Q&A with Aruba: How We Scaled Our Customer Engagement Strategy

9 – min read What do you do when you realize that 95 percent of your customer base is tech-touch and you don’t have the manpower to properly engage …

nps follow up questions, closing the loop
Voice of the Customer

Net Promoter Score Question Best Practices: How to Ask Them and How to Follow Up

7 – min read The Net Promoter Score question provides one of the most effective tools for predicting customer loyalty and brand advocacy. It reflects both how enthusiastic customers …