Totango wins TrustRadius 2024 Most Loved Award

Trustradius most loved award

On this Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to share in the love! TrustRadius—a platform designed to deliver the most credible resources to help technology buyers confidently make decisions—compared mentions of “love” in all its (grammatical) forms and reviews received for 28,600+ products in 825+ categories and named Totango one of 101 most loved software products!

With TrustRadius’ 2024 Most Loved Award in hand, Totango is proud to showcase how it is at the forefront of providing data-driven customer insights, helping companies across the globe prevent churn, increase revenue growth, and boost team efficiency. Check out precisely why users love Totango and make it a core part of their operational strategy.

What customers love about Totango

Data-driven insights that improve customer strategies

Brian O’Keeffe, Digital Engagement Manager at Egnyte, praises Totango’s ability to provide a wealth of customer information. “We love data-driven insights,” he says. “We use this information to improve customer success strategies, allowing us to better understand customers and deliver more personalized experiences.” Brian and the team at Egnyte appreciate the insights into customer behavior, engagement, and satisfaction levels that Totango provides, helping them to predict potential issues before they escalate, resulting in increased retention and growth rates. “Totango has proven to be a game changer.”

Automated workflows to boost efficiency
Totango helps businesses automate and organize their workflows to enhance efficiency. At PowerToFly, customer success and account management teams must work together to support their clients—without overwhelming them. With Totango, PowerFly can easily assign tasks to the appropriate team member within a single system to ensure their customers get the support they need along the customer journey.

Totango also saves the PowerFly team a significant amount of time. “Our team members are each saving about an hour a day on reports,” says Alice Simons, Sr. Systems & Operations Manager. “Across a large CSM team and a new Account Management team, that adds up.” PowerToFly’s CSM and account management teams have seen such success using Totango that they’re even considering rolling it out to special delivery teams across the organization that may benefit from Totango’s automation.

Quotation mark

We love your product! It is a huge benefit to our organization. The tool was built so well for a specific purpose that it’s hard for any other competitor to compete.

Alice Simons, Sr. Systems & Operations Manager at PowerFly

Transform data into a single source of truth
The beauty of a solution like Totango is its ability to integrate all your customer data sources into a single source of truth. By replacing a cumbersome mix of Google Sheets and Zapier, Huli leveraged Totango to not only transform the customer success function but also fundamentally change how they conducted business. “We love it,” says Diego Quirós, Business Operations Manager at Huli. “Totango is a must for any company with a SaaS model.” Huli began using Totango to facilitate their onboarding, adoption, and nurture programs. After a year of using the product, the team is implementing more custom journey programs and seeing an impact on revenue as a result of upsells and proactive retention with the help of the NPS customer journey program.

What’s not to love?
Stories like the ones from Egnyte, PowerFly, and Huli echo a common sentiment: there’s a lot of love when it comes to Totango customer success software. From data-driven customer insights to automated workflows, Totango helps businesses transform their operations, prevent churn, increase revenue growth, and boost team efficiency. To learn more about how the product can help your organization, take a quick tour and look at the many features our customers love.

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