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Hi, In the last two weeks we have all acclimated to a new reality where we have to work from home, meet online with our colleagues and learn how to drive every aspect of our life: fitness activity, meeting friends, school,

Hi, When we started our winter release journey to Jasper, I mentioned we would have lots of surprises in store. Today we have more exciting news for you! Outcome SuccessPlans & Customer Portal You can now manage long-term plans for your accounts using

Hi, Today we have some exciting product updates, as well as an upcoming webinar you can join for more best practices. SuccessBLOC Scorecards, Now With User KPIs We’ve added an enhancement to SuccessBLOC Scorecards which now allows you to create KPIs based on user metrics,

Winter weather certainly makes you appreciate sunny days. I changed my travel plans today to take advantage of the beautiful weather to ski in Jasper, Canada.  So, I am happy to launch today Totango’s Winter ‘20 release, Jasper. This release will

This week, Totango launched Dynamic Assignment, a new innovation that taps into a fluid group of specialists throughout the enterprise and matches their expertise with the specific needs of customers. Dynamic Assignment automates this matching process, enabling enterprises to effectively

Winter is here, and we all definitely feel it! It’s 36 degrees outside where I’m based in California, and I know it's much colder for many of you. This is the right time for us to close on Sedona with

At Totango we strive to deliver cutting-edge approaches to the challenges facing the Customer Success industry.  Today we are thrilled to announce our latest innovation, Totango Dynamic Assignment. This groundbreaking capability allows organizations to assign customer-focused work to team members

Product update Jan 7, 2020  Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great time celebrating the new year with friends and family.  At Totango, we’re also celebrating our first release of the year. We are excited to continue bringing value

Product update 22, 2019 Campaign  The holiday season is the best time of the year! It is full of celebration and also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year behind us. Today we bring you some highlights from our

Hi,  Today, our Ibiza experience is available for all Totango users. This week is also very exciting as many of us start the holiday season and we’ve released our first Sedona deliverables. Sedona Release The new Sedona release is focused on enabling you to

Hi,  We have been hard at work and are excited to share our latest engagement feature with you! Introducing Destination Pages for Dynamic Customer Success Communicating with your customers at the right time, in the right context is very important and we know

Totango Product Updates | October 28, 2019   Today we are excited to bring you the final sprint from IBIZA, and are happy to share that we’ve already started working on the next release. More details on that soon! IBIZA in Review Starting with

We are excited to release more content on our journey to IBIZA. We’re almost there, hold tight! :)  Create Accounts via Rapid Insights Forms We are happy to share that Rapid Insights forms now not only enable you to streamline data input

Totango Product Updates | September 23, 2019 First, I would like to start by thanking all of you who joined us for a  great Customer Success Team Summit in New York City last week!  We had a great few days, discussing

Totango Product Updates | September 9, 2019 Introducing Agenda, an enhanced experience for your team to manage their work and control their time. Portfolio managers are extremely knowledgeable about their customers and their work. In order for them to be successful, they

Continuing on the journey of providing more value to Portfolio managers, this sprint we are releasing set of features to help drive productivity. Information Request Forms is our newest tool, which enables teams to achieve end to end workflows within Totango

We've released our newest iteration of IBIZA, with some very exciting updates! Read on to see how we're focusing on productivity. Early Access Feature Controls Admins now have the ability to control whether their users can access new Beta release features, and

We are happy to share that we have established a more concrete seasonal release cycle (winter, spring, summer, fall), continuing to deliver updates and feature releases every two weeks under a focused quarterly theme. This quarter our focus is on CSM

We know that our customers spend their day to day in Totango Spark. This enables them to always stay up to date with their customers' status and goals. This year we are focusing a lot on Customer Success Manager productivity

Every day customers are bringing more data than ever into Totango. With this release, we set out to address this by focusing on three things: Make it easy for you to organize all of that data Build better ways to

We know that customer data is at the heart of everything you do, and without it, it’s not only difficult to drive customer success, but it’s impossible to scale it. That’s why we’ve been working hard on some significant enhancements

We believe that a fast & frictionless experience in Totango is necessary for empowering your team to drive results. For our first of two May releases, we’re excited to share seven new features and enhancements aligned with our roadmap themes

In March, the Totango team delivered multiple features that empower you to drive customer success methodologies organization-wide, reduce administrative work, and customize Spark around your business goals. Check them out: Percentage KPIs for Scorecards Now, you can configure Scorecard KPIs to aggregate

In February we had three releases focused on two main themes: scale management and enterprise-grade customization. The new features and enhancements are designed to help you scale your operations and create a better experience for your users. Scale Management Stay Organized

We Are Upgrading All Users to Spark In the early half of 2018 we launched Spark, which enables Customer Success teams to focus on results rather than task and activities. At that time, we made a commitment to provide our customers

We’ve had a very busy week full of exciting news at the Totango HQ and in Barcelona attending SAP CX Live!  First off, we are pleased to announce Totango Spark, our flagship software platform is now available. Spark guides enterprises through the successful

We understand your need to get results faster. That’s why we’ve launched Spark - the only goal-oriented customer success platform that accelerates the results of your CS initiatives. If you’re a Customer Success Manager, you need to target and execute

Today, Totango released its Spark Platform to provide customers with proven results quickly. Spark, the next generation customer success platform, guides enterprises through the successful completion of each stage of the customer journey with relevant information, analytics and best practices

Your customers are your most important asset and their data is critical for your business. We're launching Totango Shield today. Totango Shield provides comprehensive protection for all of your sensitive information in DNA-CX and allows you to automatically comply with internal security policies and

Here’s the situation. Your Totango administrator has activated your free trial of Zoe in Slack (or they can right now on this page). You’ve thought of some excellent ways to leverage Zoe to put your customer first and make an

Zoe empowers every role and department within an organization to align around the customer, enabling a customer-centric company culture. With the power of Zoe at your fingertips, you can leverage Zoe’s conversational interface to access customer data and get others

Earlier this year, we went a little crazy (in a good way). We decided that not only were we going to host the leading customer success industry event of the year, the 5th Annual Customer Success Summit; we also decided

Sign up to customer success with Impact Steps, the latest feature of Zoe that allows diverse groups of employees to organically work together toward the customer cause, enabling a customer-centric company culture. Impact Steps allow anyone within your company to request

Zoe is the new product from Totango that allows everyone in the company to participate in customer success. Zoe's conversational interface lets employees ask questions about customer data and segments of customer data directly in Slack, as well as create Impact Steps

You know Zoe, right? Just in case you haven’t heard, Zoe makes customer success everyone's business. With a customer-centric approach to business, the customer needs to be the focus, and Zoe makes that easy to achieve. If you still feel

Data Architecture Centered on the Customer In other tools, the customer object is an “opportunity” or a “lead”. But never a “customer”. Totango DNA-CX™ is the only customer-centric data model that actually revolves around the customer. By mapping all the dimensions

Curious to see Zoe in action but not enough time for a full demo? We’ve got you covered, in less than a minute (47 seconds to be exact). See how Zoe makes it not just possible but easy to access

We’re thrilled to introduce Zoe, an intelligent, conversational chatbot available now in Slack, the collaborative work environment, and via email. Slack is making team collaboration effective and fun, which is the reason that we at Totango chose Slack as the

Back in the ‘90s, we were told that CRM software was the solution to customer centricity. Even just few years ago, Salesforce, undoubtedly the leader of CRM, changed their tagline to Customer Company (which they “borrowed” from IBM by the

We are excited to introduce Zoe™, the newest product developed by Totango. Zoe opens up customer success to the entire organization by making customer data available to anyone and enabling employee experts to self-organize for initiatives to positively impact the customer. Until