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We are two months in and finally, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While we have been sheltering-in-place we have been very busy building some exciting new functionality for you.

SuccessBLOCs continue to be a focus for the second release of our Belize update. Earlier this year we launched the SuccessBLOC marketplace to make finding best practices and templates easier. And now we are adding more value to each SuccessBLOCs by making them easier to navigate.

Every SuccessBLOC now has an About tab which helps you familiarize yourself with a SuccessBLOC before starting to use it. It describes how it works, the outcomes the SuccessBLOC is designed to achieve, and the key benefits to your business.

But it doesn’t stop there. I am happy to introduce more exciting features and functionalities as part of Belize:

Write-Back Functionality Now Available with Customer Data Hub

We know you have probably integrated data from multiple data sources to create a complete view of your customers. And your CSMs are in Totango daily updating important data about your customers. Totango has now enabled write-back functionality so information flows from Totango back to your source systems like your CRM or Customer Support Platform.

You no longer have to do redundant data entry, saving you time to focus on your customers.

Stream Account & User Tag Information Using Customer Data Hub API

Tags are used to automatically highlight important insights about accounts and users and play an important role in triggering automation like SuccessPlays and Campaigns.

For example, if a user is highly active in your community help center (asking and answering questions), you can stream this information to Totango and tag this user as a “community-center-power-user”.  These tagged users might be good participants in your next beta program.

Now, tag information can be easily streamed to Totango via Customer Data Hub API.

To learn about more enhancements released this week, visit our ‍‍release notes‍‍.

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