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The CXO Dream Team: Why Marketing, Sales, and CS Should Unite to Drive Growth
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The CXO dream team: 
Why marketing, sales, and CS should unite to drive growth

5 – min read Three learnings from TSIA on why your go-to-market leaders have an opportunity to work better together to drive growth.   When it comes to understanding …

Hiring CS team members
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Why is CS hiring so hard? Tips for finding your people

3 – min read As subscription models and recurring revenue become the norm for both SMBs and enterprise solutions, customer success is becoming an essential part of businesses across …

Customer Success Team Structure
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Customer Success Team Structure: Four Best Practices

5 – min read Your customer success team structure forms the organizational backbone supporting your CS strategy. A well-designed structure can help you streamline your operations for greater efficiency to deliver …

SaaS Tools You Need
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SaaS Tools for Business Growth: Five Essentials You Must Have

7 – min read SaaS Tools to Jumpstart Your Business Growth: Five Essential Apps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools automate your business functions, fueling your growth by increasing efficiency. For customer …

QBR Best Practices
Best Practices

QBR Meeting Agendas: Best Practices for QBR Prep

10 – min read How to Make Your QBR Meeting Agenda Count A quarterly business review (QBR) allows you to bring together your executives and your clients’ executives to …

What is a QBR
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What Is a Quarterly Business Review? Three Keys to a Great QBR

4 – min read What Is a QBR? How to Make Quarterly Business Reviews Count A quarterly business review (QBR) gives you four opportunities per year to showcase the …

quarterly business review
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QBR in SaaS: Is the traditional QBR dead?

6 – min read Why Your QBR SaaS Model Needs an AI Makeover Quarterly business reviews (QBRs)[LINK] have become a standard practice for software providers, but today’s QBR SaaS …

Build Client Relationships
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How to Build Client Relationships Digitally: 14 Pro Tips

9 – min read Learn How to Build Client Relationships Digitally: 14 Proven Tactics Knowing how to build client relationships digitally is critical for SaaS businesses. Most interactions with …

Recurring Revenue Model
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How to Scale Your Recurring Revenue Model

3 – min read Recurring revenue models have taken over the world. OK, maybe not the world, but they have become an increasingly important factor these days for helping …

Totango's Presentation Builder
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Simplify Business Reviews with Totango’s Presentation Builder

2 – min read Many organizations rely on quarterly business reviews (QBRs) as their dedicated opportunity to check in with customers and ensure their needs are being met. However, …

how to scale your customer success team
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Scaling Your Customer Success Team? 3 Mistakes to Avoid (And Their Solutions)

4 – min read Efforts to scale customer success team activity often fall short because of failure to avoid common mistakes. Your human resources practices, your project management procedures …

How to empower women in tech
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How to Empower Women in Tech

4 – min read Did you know that while women make up more than 50 percent of the U.S. workforce, less than one in five employees in the tech …

4 key takeaways from qlik totango webinar
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4 Keys to Customer Success Team Enablement

3 – min read Qlik’s Vice President of Customer Success Operations and Chief of Staff Chris Wood and his team were on the hunt for a customer success tool …

how to land your next cs job
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Land your Next Customer Success Manager Job with these 3 Tips

4 – min read Whether you’ve worked in the customer success industry for a while or you’ve recently decided that this is the career path for you, searching for …

5 CSM Interview Questions
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5 Customer Success Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

4 – min read Being a Customer Success Manager (CSM) can be an extremely rewarding career. A CSM works hand-in-hand with customers, guiding them through the customer journey and …

How to fight customer success burnout, cs quality of life, work life balance
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5 Stress Management Techniques for the Busy Customer Success Professional

3 – min read If you’ve been following along in our series about burnout and mental health in customer success, then you already know how to spot signs of …

how to fight burnout
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5 Ways Customer Success Leaders are Fighting Burnout

3 – min read Burnout is a dangerous and costly condition that should not be taken lightly. If you’ve noticed any signs of burnout within your team, it’s important …

Warning Signs of Team Burn Out
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Five Warning Signs Your Customer Success Team is Burnt Out

4 – min read In a recent poll, we asked customer success professionals to rank their top year-end challenge. Not surprisingly, the number one answer was burnout. Burnout is …

time to upgrade your cs software
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When Should You Upgrade CS Software?

4 – min read Whether you’re not using a customer success platform yet or you’re using an aging CS tool, there comes a time when you need to upgrade …

how to host a successful qbr
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Best Practices to Ensure a Successful Quarterly Business Review

4 – min read A quarterly business review (QBR) is a chance to bring together your executives and your clients’ executives to discuss the health of their business and …

Convert Freemium to Paid
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Freemium Onboarding: How to Convert Free Users into Paying Customers

4 – min read Freemium onboarding forms a critical stage in users’ path to becoming paying customers. The email sequences you use to onboard freemium users can directly determine whether they …

freemium mistakes to avoid
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Don’t Make These Frequent Freemium SaaS Mistakes

5 – min read A freemium strategy is one of the best ways to sell a SaaS product. However, common freemium SaaS mistakes can thwart this otherwise effective approach. …

fake news
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Don’t Buy into Fake News: Why Try Before You Buy is Best

3 – min read When was the last time you purchased something without checking multiple online reviews about it first? Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle or a new …

Best Practices

Why a Data-Driven Customer Success Program is Crucial to Your Success

4 – min read Do you have a favorite business? Perhaps a local restaurant where you’re greeted by name and immediately handed your beverage of choice. Or maybe there’s …

sevenrooms uses totango to adapt quickly in uncertain times.
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Top 5 takeaways from Totango’s CXO Series – Virtual Event featuring SevenRooms

2 – min read Yesterday we hosted the second event in our CXO Series for Customer Success executives. I didn’t think this one could be better than the last, …

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Has anyone talked to your customer today?

3 – min read As America gets back to work and begins recovering from the economic downturn and delays that accompanied the 2020 pandemic, companies are discovering they must …

Set your remote customer success team up to be as effective as possible.
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5 Best Practices for a Remote Customer Success Team

6 – min read Technology, as they say, is the future. In 1995, 9 percent of people reported that they telecommuted or had done so in the past. In …

b2b customer segmentation
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6 B2B Customer Segmentation Best Practices

5 – min read The digital transformation of business has finally given enterprises the power to deliver on the potential of B2B customer segmentation. While most of us associate …

Work from Home
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Tips from Totango Team: 7 Ways to Work Smarter from Home

2 – min read At Totango, we’re about success. Your customers’ and your own. So, now that everybody’s working remotely, we asked around our virtual office for suggestions of …

Customer data insights, the key to understanding your customers and their business goals so your team can engage productively, and proactively.
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Customer Data Insights: Best Practices for Tracking and Taking Action

4 – min read As the economy continues to become more digitally-based, customer data becomes more valuable and accessible than ever. To operate without insight into your customers’ preferences …

Decreasing time to value is an important goal for onboarding.
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Time to Value: Customer Success Best Practices to Help Your Customers Grow

4 – min read Your customers are working with you because your company’s products and services are valuable The quicker you can deliver that value, the more likely you …

What does a Customer Success Manager (CSM) do, and how can they improve your customers journey?
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The Top 5 Customer Success Manager Best Practices

4 – min read Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work hard to provide the best customer experience possible by prioritizing customer needs and helping them throughout the customer journey. They …

Building a strong customer success team is the first step to achieving sustainable, long-term growth.
Best Practices

Five Tips for Building a Customer Success Team

5 – min read In the customer-centered economy, your customer success (CS) team is invaluable. The team’s goal is to retain your hard-won customers and help them grow by …

Follow these customer satisfaction best practices to boost retention.
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Customer Satisfaction Best Practices You Need To Know

5 – min read When you meet a customer’s expectations, you make them happy. That’s the basic concept behind customer satisfaction. Sometimes, however, the potential value of your product …

Create a productive environment for Customer Success team, provide them with necessary customer data.
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How to Use Customer Data: A Guide for Customer Success Teams

4 – min read As customers use your product, they generate data just by going about their daily workflow. And you would be missing out on a huge opportunity …

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The 5 Best Strategies to Win Back Lost Customers for Your Enterprise

4 – min read Think of them as your customers—even when they’re heading out the door. That’s the ideal approach when a customer lapses. Churn is built into every …

With the right winback strategies, you can bring customers back and deepen the relationship.
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Successful Winback Campaign Examples for Your Customer Success Team

4 – min read In today’s digitally transformed business world, customers are empowered to shift their subscription loyalties at short notice and without repercussion. As such, there’s seemingly no …

E2C Enterprise to Customer
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E2C: Enterprise to Customer Growth Strategy

2 – min read In recurring revenue businesses, the entire company impacts the customer in some way. Often times, employees’ interactions are ad-hoc and siloed within their department, making …

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Measure the impact and performance of your customer success team

2 – min read Your customers are going through a journey with you and your customer success managers play an important role in how they experience the journey. The renewal (and the upsell) is merely the outcome. So how do you make sure that your customer success team is making the required impact along the way? How can you tell which customer success managers are doing well, or not so well, relative to others?

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Introducing the definitive guide to buying a Customer Success Platform

< 1 – min read Thinking of buying a Customer Success Platform? If so, you’ll want to read this guide. The right platform will provide unprecedented visibility into your customers, opening up new opportunities – and smarter ways – to understand them.

However, not all customer success platforms are created equally. Use this buyer’s guide to fully equip yourself with the information you need to make the right decision.

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