Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a CS Platform: Not Putting Customer Success into the Hands of Your Whole Team

Not putting CS into the hands of your whole team

Selecting the right customer success platform for your organization can be challenging. To help you navigate the process, we’ve developed a four-part blog series about the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a CS platform, including not having a modern mindset, not putting CS in the hands of the entire team, not being able to create inspiring journeys and not thinking of CS as a team sport. In this article, we’ll look at the mistake of not putting customer success into the hands of your whole team. 

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting on hold with tech support for hours only to hear that dreaded phrase “turn it off and back on again.” Nobody likes having to work with something so technical and complicated that they have to rely on an expert to make a small change or fix an issue – and this is especially true when it comes to your customer success tools.  

Customer success is a fast-paced industry. Your customers are working around the clock and they are constantly evolving and moving into different stages of their journey with your company. In order to keep up and keep them happy, it’s essential that you a have a CS platform that is easy for your entire team to adopt, use, and make changes as necessary without having to rely on outside administrators or resources. Let’s take a look at three important reasons why you need a customer success platform that is simple and straightforward enough to be used by your whole team.

Quick Adoption is Key to Success

To be effective, a customer success platform should be simple enough for your CSMs to adopt it quickly. A visual, intuitive platform that is easy for CSMs to navigate day-to-day tasks, make fast process changes and access data quickly will improve your overall efficiency and productivity drastically. For instance, Totango offers tools like customer scorecards and segmentation capabilities that allow CSMs to go from the “big picture” level down to account levels quickly and easily so that you can have a better view of what is going on with individual customers, empowering you to be proactive and change course rapidly when needed. Quick adoption is essential to achieving quick time-to-value and that is exactly what you want from any business tool. 

Less Dependency on Outside Resources

If you’re using a CS platform that forces you to rely on fractional consultants or to add more headcount, then you’re using the wrong platform. These tools are meant to make your life easier, but having to submit a help ticket or schedule time with an administrative support person to make simple modifications causes unnecessary headaches, slows down your momentum and may even come with additional fees. 

On the other hand, a platform that is built for self-service, like Totango, puts all control into the hands of your team. Totango is designed to make your life easier with tools like SuccessBLOCs, which come pre-built with best practice templates, KPIs, campaigns and more so you can start running journeys and seeing results from day one. Using SuccessBLOCs and Totango’s Customer Experience Canvas, you and your team can design, build, run, collaborate and scale your customer journeys all from one workspace. Need to make a change to your process? A simple drag and drop of a task within Canvas enables you to make the change you need, when you need it.

Grow Without Limits 

Totango SuccessBLOC MarketplaceThe customer journey has many different stages and it’s essential for your team to be able to grow and adapt alongside your customers. Unfortunately, many customer success platforms focus more on helping you to grow into their platform, not your customer journey. Instead, you need a platform that is easy to use and provides a wide variety of resources that can be optimized as your company grows. Totango gives you unlimited access to out-of-the-box tools like customer scorecards, best practices, journey templates and more that you can add or modify as needed, allowing your company to grow without limits.

Empower Your Team with the Right Tools

Stop wasting time and money on customer success tools that your entire team can’t or won’t use. If they’re too complicated to learn, too difficult to modify or too complex to scale, then they’re not the right platform for your team. See it for yourself for free! Sign up for Totango today and empower your entire team with all of the CS essentials (and more) they need to get the job done.

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