How to Scale Your Recurring Revenue Model

Recurring Revenue Model

Recurring revenue models have taken over the world. OK, maybe not the world, but they have become an increasingly important factor these days for helping SaaS companies understand whether their products and services are keeping customers engaged and delivering value, so they can prevent churn, increase expansion and earn higher valuations.

At the recent Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) World Conference, Totango’s President & COO Jamie Bertasi and Aruba’s Head of Customer Success & SaaS Operations Carlos Quezada hosted a webinar to discuss how to scale recurring revenue models with purpose, including real-life examples of how Aruba utilized Totango’s composable customer success platform to deliver essential customer outcomes and scale their own growth. In this article, we’ll discuss four key takeaways from their discussion and be sure to check out the full webinar below.  

Eliminate Chokepoints 

Organizations who are proficient in scaling their recurring revenue models are what we at Totango like to call “customer success pacesetters.” These companies are seeing net revenue retention (NRR) rates at over 125%, driving 10x growth, and have extremely low churn rates at 3% or less. Most organizations are not equipped to scale up and see this kind of growth, however, because they find themselves caught up in chokepoints, like workflow gaps, organizational lethargy and chronic reactivity. Eliminating these chokepoints is key to success, but you won’t be able to do that by trying to force-fit tools like your CRM, monolithic CS platforms, non-scalable solutions or modern work tools that just act as a temporary band-aid for your problems. You need a purpose-built, digital solution that is designed to be easy to use and to grow with your company’s and customers’ needs.   

Reorient Your Operating Model

A traditional, acquisition-focused, siloed operating model does not work in today’s digital environment. In order for a high-growth operating model to work, you have to move to a customer-value-driven approach. This means that you have to ensure that each department within your organization has a shared customer value mindset and is working in orchestration to deliver value to the customer from pre-sale all the way through their entire life cycle.

Enable Digital-First Customer Success

In order to deliver essential customer outcomes and promote organizational growth, you have to be able to rapidly scale your customer-facing teams and bring personalization to every client interaction with less manual work. How do you do this? By utilizing a digital-first customer success solution, like Totango, which enables your team to deliver dynamic, hyper-personalized customer engagements by leveraging segmentation, workflows and automation. Check out the webinar to hear how Aruba uses the many tools that Totango provides, alongside a combination of digital and human engagements, to scale their growth and successfully manage thousands of customer accounts with only eight CSMs.

Implement Composable Customer Success

A composable customer success platform delivers the flexibility, embedded intelligence and ease of use necessary to allow companies to scale – and Totango is the only platform on the market that delivers composable CS. A composable CS platform should include six key components, including:

  • Modular building blocks
  • An outcome-first design
  • A unified design-and run approach
  • Embedded best practices
  • A multi-dimensional customer view
  • Friction-free orchestration

Your Customer Success, Your Way

With tools like pre-built SuccessBLOCs, SuccessPlays and the Customer Experience Canvas, Totango makes it extremely simple for organizations to get started building out their customer journeys and scaling up their growth no matter their size or experience level. Totango’s composable CS platform lets you iterate as you go and bring in the building blocks you need when you need them, so you can get where you’re trying to go without recreating the wheel or having everything figured out before you get started.

Be sure to check out the full webinar to learn more about how Totango can help you eliminate chokepoints and scale your growth through our unique composable customer success platform. Or, sign up for Totango for free today and start your journey towards becoming a scale-up winner!   

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