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4 Tips to Increase B2B SaaS Sales

3 – min read B2B SaaS companies increasingly rely on inside sales teams to drive growth. The model is often referred to as “Low Touch Sales” and follows this …

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Tools to Manage a Successful SaaS Business

3 – min read Managing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business isn’t trivial. Successful SaaS companies are able to deal with a high volume of leads and turn those into a …

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SaaS Best Practices: Measuring Trial Conversion Rates – Part 1

3 – min read Defining an active user and setting a baseline   Over the next few weeks, Totango will be posting a blog series on best practices for …

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Building Enterprise Software Products That Don’t Suck

2 – min read Aaron Levie, CEO and Founder of posted this excellent article on TechCrunch. I encourage you all to read it before reading onwards. Levie describes …

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SaaS on the House. A Dialog About Value.

2 – min read Who doesn’t like it when the bartender pours an extra glass of fine wine ‘on the house’? Every time it happens to me, my emotional …

Best Practices

3 Essential Tips for Sales in a SaaS Model

3 – min read SaaS forever changes how software is developed and delivered to customers. This shift is well understood, frequently discussed and represents a major shift in the …

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