Tips from Totango Team: 7 Ways to Work Smarter from Home

Work from Home

At Totango, we’re about success. Your customers’ and your own. So, now that everybody’s working remotely, we asked around our virtual office for suggestions of how to be more successful conducting business at home. Our team shared the ideas used in their own homes to make their workday, work better! 

Start a Morning Ritual  

“Take a few minutes each day to get ready—whatever that means for you—to get into the mindset for work. Without a commute to serve as a transition from home to office, it helps to find a new way to transition from off-work to work hours.”  — Christine Knific: Customer Success Manager

Add Sunlight to Your Day 

“I like to work in a room with a window and good lighting. It helps keep energy levels high.” — Rob Bennett: Director of Strategic Marketing

Keep a Sense of Humor

“Have fun with virtual backgrounds on your video conferences. Don’t forget, everyone needs a little comic relief at a time like this.” — Totango Team

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Stay Fortified and Focused

“Have easily prepared snacks. Don’t get hangry and wait all day to eat. Great noise-canceling headphones help. A sign at the front door requesting Amazon and whomever to not ring the doorbell goes a long way to reducing household upheaval, especially for dog owners.” —Leslie Sutton: Customer Success Manager

Stay Safe. Separate! 

“I like to separate my workspace from the places where I eat and relax at home.  By keeping the computer out of the bedroom, I’m ensured of a restful spot away from work when it’s time to recuperate. Also, I make a habit to never eat at my desk. By having distinct areas, I can create a clear separation between work and home.” — Anton Razumovskyi: App Team Lead

Keep It Real and Informed  

“When you head into an online meeting, it’s good to give fair warning of possible, unavoidable interruptions. Meeting attendees will be sympathetic and often will feel free to share a similar warning on their end. —Neil Miklusak: VP of Sales

Don’t Miss Out on Spring  

“Work outside when you can. If the sun is shining, why not take your laptop outside? Vitamin D is good for you.  Yet, don’t forget to take your allergy meds if you need them!” —Erin Christopher: Director of Demand Generation

Just as you strive to stay in close contact with your customers about changes, you’ll want to keep your family updated about when you’re working and when you’re not. Clear communication and boundaries are a great place to start, with compassion and flexibility built in if you’re caring for young children at home.

Stay safe, focused and successful. 

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