Simplify Business Reviews with Totango’s Presentation Builder

Totango's Presentation Builder

Many organizations rely on quarterly business reviews (QBRs) as their dedicated opportunity to check in with customers and ensure their needs are being met. However, a quarterly meeting is often not enough to ensure that your customers are finding value in your product and are on track to achieve their strategic goals, or to alert you to any issues or changes that might need to be immediately addressed. Business reviews should be able to occur at any time, which means that organizations need to be able to easily gather data and communicate business information to customers in a meaningful way.

At Totango, we understand that this ability to quickly and effectively gather and communicate information is at the heart of customer success – both internally and externally. Which is why we have developed our new Presentation Builder tool to be an easy and fast way to create and share business outcomes with your customers at regular intervals, enabling Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to quickly generate a business review presentation and communicate the data in a way that is most effective for each individual customer because every customer is different.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the Presentation Builder works and the benefits it provides your organization.

What is Presentation Builder?

Totango’s Presentation Builder tool uses a visual approach to presenting and sharing customer outcomes and goals collected from account data in Totango. It enables CSMs to generate a business review presentation with customer account information, business objectives, support tickets, product usage, WAU/MAU and other metrics, using an example template provided by Totango or your own corporate PowerPoint template. 

With the Presentation Builder, you can:

  • Generate a presentation directly from a customer’s account profile and store it in their account assets in Totango.
  • Dynamically populate the presentation information from attribute data tags.
  • Pull in any user-defined static images, pictures, background graphics, logos, etc. to customize your presentation.
  • Change fonts (colors, sizes, etc.) and free text on the fly.
  • Change the look or correct a data point of a chart or graph directly from PowerPoint. 
  • Send presentations to customers by email.

Manage Business Reviews

In addition to the Presentation Builder, Totango also offers the Manage Business Review SuccessBLOC, which enables you to design and run your business review journey, managing what business review conversations are happening and where you may be falling behind schedule with your customers. This allows you to visualize potential gaps in your business review journey that need to be addressed, and easily share customer data and information with executives as needed. This SuccessBLOC helps to simplify the often-complicated process of implementing a proactive business review strategy, while enabling your team to scale and ensuring you are building long-term, strategic relationships and engagements throughout the customer lifecycle.

Start Simplifying Your Customer Success 

Customer success can be very complex and it’s not always easy to wow your customers. Which is why we at Totango make it our goal to provide you with the tools you need to create a seamless customer journey, and then activate, run, iterate and improve upon it all from one place. We are continuing to develop new tools, like the Presentation Builder and Manage Business Review SuccessBLOC, to help simplify customer success and empower your team to reach all of your CS goals. Want to see for yourself? Book a demo today and let us show you how to WOW your customers!

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