4 Keys to Customer Success Team Enablement

4 key takeaways from qlik totango webinar

Qlik’s Vice President of Customer Success Operations and Chief of Staff Chris Wood and his team were on the hunt for a customer success tool that could help them do three things:

  1. Streamline processes
  2. Scale customers quickly and efficiently
  3. Enable teams to work cross-functionally

They found that Totango could do all of these things and do them well. However, as anyone who has tried to implement a new software knows, a solution is only useful if it’s used. So, Chris teamed up with Elizabeth Tajonar, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Totango, to develop an implementation and enablement plan that would help them get their teams trained on the software quickly and effectively so they could start crushing their CS goals.

In a recent Totango webinar, Chris and Elizabeth discussed the blueprint they used to help the Qlik team implement Totango, including the training program they developed and the adoption metrics they tracked to ensure the training plan was working. Here are four key takeaways from their discussion and be sure to check out the full webinar below.  

4 Key Takeaways 


Use SuccessBLOCs to Enable Growth and Scale

Qlik had several teams that needed to be onboarded all within short succession of one another, so they utilized Totango’s SuccessBLOC Marketplace to help. Each SuccessBLOC is filled with best practices, tools, KPIs, dashboards, and more for various stages of the customer journey. Qlik’s administrators were able to use SuccessBLOCs to follow proven best practices and quickly get various teams up and running. They had the ability to duplicate SuccessBLOCs that had already been created for other teams and create new ones as well when needed.

Identify and Enable Power Users

A big part of Qlik’s enablement plan was to identify critical roles in the company who would help to facilitate the rollout of Totango, including Totango administrators who would be responsible for configuration, managers or leaders who would emphasize the importance of using the tool, and power users who would act as the internal knowledge base. Qlik’s power users were made up of a small group of leaders who had a vested interest in ensuring the success of the rollout. They were responsible for encouraging user acceptance, leading end user trainings, and acting as the front line of defense for questions on an ongoing basis. They played a crucial role in the training and enablement of end users.

Empower Enablement

 Since Qlik needed to get several groups up and running with Totango very quickly, they developed an enablement cycle process that could be easily iterated and would drive forward success and growth. Each time a new feature or a new group was brought in, they would first enable the admins by helping them understand what configurations needed to take place, train them on anything additional they may need to know, and then have them pass that knowledge onto the power users. The power users would then go through special training, enablement sessions, Q&As, etc. with the admins, and then they would pick up that weight and carry it on to the end-user, leading their training, enablement sessions, and Q&As. This enablement cycle would repeat itself each time a new group or feature was introduced.  

Use Metrics to Measure Adoption

Once Qlik finished the initial training for end-users, they entered a six-week adoption period when the leadership team monitored four critical adoption metrics, including:

  • WAU/MAU: Weekly active users over monthly active users let them know what percentage of users were consistently using the tool. 
  • Completed Tasks: The number of completed tasks over the previous seven days helped identify important Totango usage by ensuring the workflows were being used.
  • Overdue Tasks: The number of overdue tasks helped clarify if the team was completing their tasks in a timely manner.
  • Touchpoints: The number of touchpoints logged over the previous seven days helped to identify if the team was actively using Totango to log their customer interactions.

Need help streamlining your CS processes and enabling your team for success? Totango can help! Our extensive SuccessBLOC Marketplace makes it simple for you to get started with best practices, templates, playbooks and campaigns. We also provide pre-built adoption metrics to help you better understand how your enablement plan is working for your team. Get started with Totango for free today!

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