How to Use Visual Collaboration to Create Winning Customer Experiences

Visual Collaboration for Customer Experience

When it comes to creating winning customer experiences, consistency is key. Your customers should experience the same level of quality from your company at each stage of their journey and from each department in your organization. However, you can’t provide valuable and consistent experiences with disconnected systems and siloed teams. You need a shared space that allows for visual collaboration across departments so everyone can stay up-to-date and on the same page.

With Totango’s Customer Experience Canvas, your entire company can collaborate in one shared workspace. It is a place where team members from every department – from Customer Success to Marketing to Sales to Product and more – can effortlessly align, share, activate and show off customer campaigns and programs in real-time. Having this shared visual workspace is key to maximizing your teams’ time and energy and enabling your entire company to provide optimal and consistent customer experiences every time. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that Canvas’ powerful visual collaboration capabilities can unite and empower your team.

Break Down Data and Collaboration Silos

We all know that silos are the enemy of efficiency. Having to separately reach out to different departments for input on design and content is painfully time-consuming and makes it incredibly difficult to get timely feedback. Canvas provides a centralized, visual workspace that empowers companies to break down data and collaboration silos in order to improve the overall customer experience and build a more efficient and cohesive organization.

Gain Instant Clarity Without the Guesswork

In order to provide the best experiences for your customers, every team needs to be able to see and understand the complete picture of your customer’s journey in real-time. It’s important for all departments to stay current on what is truly going on with your customers and be able to identify any gaps so each team can stay focused on their most important tasks and each account gets the attention it deserves. With Canvas, any department can easily access an up-to-date picture of the customer journey with amazing visual fidelity.

Unleash the Creativity of Your Teams from Anywhere

While there are certainly benefits to spending an afternoon brainstorming with your colleagues and covering your conference room walls with sticky notes, those colorful sheets of paper aren’t exactly easy to act on. Not to mention, many companies today are completely virtual with employees located around the world, so getting everyone in one room is out of the question. Canvas, however, allows you to essentially recreate these brainstorming sessions in a virtual environment. The visual collaboration workspace makes it easy to share customer experiences, brainstorm a new process or iterate on an existing one, while gathering instant feedback and input from different teams or departments no matter where they are in the world. Plus, Canvas’ simple and intuitive design offers unmatched control so you can shape your vision and take action on your ideas quickly and easily.

Canvas’ modern visual interface makes it easy and fun to design, build, run and optimize your customer journey in one place. Take advantage of Canvas’ powerful visual collaboration tools to unite and align your teams and start creating winning customer experiences every time. Try Totango for free today and see how Canvas can help your company take customer success to the next level.

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