It’s Time to Confront Reality: Monitoring Customer Health

Monitor Customer Health

It can be really easy to overlook signs that may indicate something is wrong. That illuminated Check Engine light in your car, that slight ache in your tooth when you drink something cold, or that persistent feeling of exhaustion that you just can’t seem to shake. Then one day, your car won’t start, your dentist identifies the need for a root canal, and your nutritionist recommends more iron in your diet. As tempting as it can be to pretend everything is fine and ignore little warning signs, eventually you have to confront reality.    

This is particularly true when it comes to your customers’ health. Ignoring small warning signs like a slight drop in product usage or an increase in support ticket submissions can eventually contribute to  to increased churn and decreased revenue growth. And in times of economic instability, when your current customer base is truly the only growth channel you can depend on, you need an accurate and up-to-date understanding of your customers’ health.    

Fortunately, Totango’s Monitor Customer Health SuccessBLOC is here to help. It leverages our Multidimensional Health model to help companies understand the health of their customers and engage accounts when their health changes. Let’s take a look at how this SuccessBLOC can help you protect and grow your current customer base.

Actively Monitor Diverse, Real-Time Data Streams by Dimension 

To obtain a complete understanding of your customers’ health, you need to be able to see changes in digital data streams for customers’ actions, behaviors and engagements. Real-time monitoring allows businesses to get an accurate representation of the value customers receive from a product or service, helping to predict the likelihood that a customer will churn, pinpoint customers that need to be nurtured, or highlight customers who can be engaged as advocates or for upsell opportunities.

Totango’s Monitor Customer Health SuccessBLOC goes even deeper by leveraging our Multidimensional Health model, which allows you to set weights to metrics and dimensions to fine-tune the health calculation and measure the most appropriate representations of your customers and business priorities. This weighted model reflects the diverse, unique relationships you have with your customers by allowing you to measure and define customer health based on a variety of factors, like customer type, business segment and region. By creating health definitions for each of your unique customer segments, you can pinpoint and close any gaps in your engagement strategy, and optimize your positive outreach and customer experience management. You can also improve your time-to-value for CSM actions by helping them to focus their time on accounts that are most at-risk or in need of attention. 

Improve Alignment and Internal Flow of Communication on Customer Data 

In order to improve customer growth and retention, you have to be able to create valuable experiences for your customers at every stage of the journey, which means your entire organization needs to be aligned and aware of a customer’s progress. With the Monitor Customer Health SuccessBLOC, you can empower your company to make data-driven decisions by gathering, organizing and analyzing the right customer information and democratizing the data for the rest of your organization to use. This data can help your organizational alignment by improving the effectiveness of every customer-facing role within your organization, ensuring customers are presented with a cohesive, customer-centric service that speaks with one voice and intimately understands the customers’ needs across the board. 

With this SuccessBLOC, your organization is also able to take advantage of Totango’s unique Customer Experience Canvas, which is a no-code, shared visual workspace that enables cross-departmental collaboration. With Canvas, team members from every department can effortlessly align, share, activate and show off customer campaigns and programs in real-time. Having this shared workspace is key to maximizing your teams’ time and energy, breaking down data and collaboration silos, and enabling your entire company to provide optimal and consistent customer experiences every time. 

Confront the Reality of Your Customers’ Health with Totango

For recurring-revenue businesses, retention and expansion are the key drivers of growth – especially during an economic downturn. You can’t afford to ignore warning signs or have an inaccurate understanding or incomplete view of your customers’ health. It’s time to confront reality and start monitoring and acting on your customer health data with Totango. Sign up for Totango for free today to start protecting and growing your customer base by delivering value at every stage of their journeys.

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