Strengthen customer connections through communities more easily with Higher Logic Vanilla and Totango

Totango partnership with Higher Logic Vanilla

As businesses expand and customer success becomes increasingly important, companies must find ways to scale their customer relationships and strengthen connections. Higher Logic and Totango teamed up to empower businesses to do just that, combining one-to-one customer relationships with one-to-many community relationships.

Get started today with the Drive Community Engagement SuccessBLOC

The collaborative effort between Totango and Higher Logic has given rise to the Drive Community Engagement SuccessBLOC, a pre-built customer success program with best practices and out-of-the-box content created by our very own CS and community experts. This program is now available for Totango and Vanilla customers to not only extract insights from community engagement data but, most importantly, to be proactive in their approach to customer relationship management.

“Communities reduce customer friction while helping success teams run more efficiently through one-to-many enablement, support, and advocacy programs,” said Jay Nathan, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic. “That is why having an out-of-the-box offering between Totango and Higher Logic Vanilla is a huge point of differentiation, and we are excited to further enable customer success teams to scale through the power of community.”

The Drive Community Engagement SuccessBLOC is a critical feature that brings together the power of community engagement and customer success strategies. As a user, you receive all the necessary tools and resources to enhance your customer community strategy, including welcoming new members, assigning community managers to specific campaigns, re-engaging inactive members, and celebrating community wins with customers.

Create meaningful connections with customers

One of the key features of the Drive Community Engagement SuccessBLOC is its ability to enable your business to be proactive in your approach to managing customer relationships. By having access to valuable insights, you can better gauge customer needs and anticipate potential issues. This visibility allows you to address those issues before they become critical, ultimately aiding in building strong and loyal customer relationships.

Another benefit of this program is its ability to help your business follow up on product ideas. This program equips you with a platform through which your customers can share thoughts, ideas, and even their concerns. You can engage with customers, review their feedback, and turn that feedback into actionable insights for product development teams. By creating a space for customers to share their product ideas, you can collaborate with their teams to create better products that meet customer needs.

“We’ve learned from our customers and partners, like Higher Logic Vanilla, that communities are always happening amongst customers, formally and informally,” said Chris Dishamn, SVP of Global Customer Success at Totango. “This partnership makes nurturing, engaging, and extending the value of those communities easier for our Totango and Higher Logic Vanilla businesses and more efficient. We see the value of this activation in our businesses, and we’re excited to make it available to all our customers.” 

Lastly, and equally important, the Drive Community Engagement SuccessBLOC includes valuable features for your business to measure and celebrate community wins. By sharing those wins with customers, you create a sense of community and drive loyalty. Your business makes your customers feel part of a greater, purposeful mission, and this SuccessBLOC allows you to showcase that triumphantly.

Totango customer success experts and Higher Logic community experts agree that by leveraging community engagement data and insights, businesses can create and strengthen customer relationships. Their partnership empowers companies to scale their customer success strategies effectively while also creating a sense of purposeful community and long-lasting, meaningful connections with customers.

Contact us today to learn how you can use Totango and Vanilla to build stronger customer communities that lead to accelerated outcomes and value.

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