New year, new CS: 2023 recap and what’s to come in 2024

Totango in 2024

As we kick off 2024, it’s time to reflect on the past year and look forward to what the future holds for customer success. It’s been an exciting journey, marked by significant milestones and a ceaseless effort to support our customers in achieving their goals. Now, as we step into a new year, we’re witnessing an evolution of customer success, and there’s a new and improved Totango to help enterprise business leaders deliver business results and drive customer outcomes.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Totango is customer success software businesses can’t outgrow, providing unlimited scalability and unmatched time to value to help cross-functional enterprise teams drive productivity, retention, and expansion. Our software provides a robust set of integrations and SuccessBLOCs—our proprietary pre-built customer success programs that are embedded with best practices and contain relevant workflows, reports, automation, customer segments, campaign content, and more to help you achieve critical business outcomes and create focus for your team. With Totango, businesses can integrate data to get a 360° view of customer health, collaborate to manage their customer portfolio, engage with customers when and where it matters, monitor and improve the metrics that matter, and scale CS faster with the power of people + AI. Superior to other CS software, Totango enables unlimited scalability and unmatched time to value due to our composable platform architecture and schemaless data model.

We’re proud to have dedicated 13 years to cultivating best practices and expertise in the customer success software category. By consistently reinventing ourselves, we ensure we’re always ready to meet your business needs.

Setting up for accelerated growth in 2024

Last year, we welcomed 11,058 new users from businesses across the globe, and we onboarded forward-thinking organizations who understand the value of investing in the success of their customers with software that can be easily customized to their business needs and support them through growth and change.

Our customers achieved impressive outcomes in 2023 and leveraged critical Totango functionality to prevent churn, increase revenue growth, and boost team productivity—downloading 1,737 SuccessBLOCs, delivering 40 million emails, and creating 110,184 workflows.

Growth-minded business leaders and practitioners across the community have been recognizing our work. In 2023, Totango received 157 G2 badges, including being named a leader in the customer success software category and receiving accolades as the Most Implementable and Fastest Implementation on the customer success software Enterprise Implementation Index. We were also named “Best Customer Success Tool” by the Customer Success Collective!

 Plus, industry experts agree. In November, Totango was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Success Platforms, Q4 2023 report by leading global research and advisory firm Forrester Research, Inc., showcasing, in our opinion, our strength of strategy and product offering for enterprise businesses.

4 key behaviors shaping the next generation of CS

As we look towards the future, we’ve identified four key behaviors shaping the next generation of customer success: 

  • leading with business growth, 
  • starting with customer results in mind, 
  • using adoption and feedback to drive advocacy, and 
  • leaning into enterprise integration. 

These behaviors will guide our strategy as we continue to evolve and innovate.

That’s why we’ve already introduced several product innovations to support the shift in customer success, including in-app experiences and opportunity management, plus two new AI features: content generator and account summary. We also developed nine new integrations across multiple categories, including product analytics, revenue intelligence, email, and calendar tools, as well as two new partnerships with ESG and Higher Logic. We’ve also added more ways to navigate your customer data and report on team productivity. And let’s not forget the powerful new SuccessBLOCs designed to maximize team productivity and drive community engagement.

Let Totango support your business growth in 2024

We’re excited about the future of customer success and the role we can play in business growth for 2024. We are committed to continuous innovation and providing you with the businesses with best-in-class customer success software. So, here’s to a successful year ahead and a continued partnership that leads to mutual growth and success!

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