Drive product data visibility and adoption with Pendo and Mixpanel integrations

Mixpanel and Pendo integrations with Totango

Enterprise businesses can now use their critical product usage data from Pendo and Mixpanel in their Totango experience to design optimal customer journeys, improving product adoption and customer retention. 

Pendo and Mixpanel, two leading solutions in the enterprise software market, give SaaS companies the power to track and analyze product usage across their customer base—creating a rich set of data and insights key to designing, iterating, and improving the customer experience. 

What is Pendo?
Pendo is a product experience platform that combines powerful software usage analytics with in-app guidance and user feedback capabilities, enabling even non-technical teams to deliver better product experiences to their customers or employees.

What is Mixpanel?
Mixpanel is an event analytics platform that allows anyone to get answers from their customer and revenue data in seconds. It offers powerful real-time charts and visualizations of how users interact with digital products. Regardless of technical expertise, anyone can identify what’s working well and spend more time on their best ideas with Mixpanel.

Create a 360-degree view of the customer

Truly understanding customers and delivering them an exceptional experience requires unifying data from across the organization: sales, support, customer success, marketing, finance, and product. By integrating real-time product usage data like pageviews, clicks, and more into Totango’s 360-degree account profile, businesses can more accurately analyze and understand the health of their customers, giving CS teams the insight needed to drive expansion opportunities and reduce churn, ultimately leading to an increase in net revenue retention.

“Now that we have more granular usage data available in Totango, my team will be able to do so much more with the platform. We have been able to automate monthly usage summaries for clients and improve our health scoring. Also, we are currently in the process of shifting our campaigns and workflows to be more personalized, getting clients the information and interventions they need based on this data.”Abbey Byrne, Director of Customer Success at Big Interview

Improve cross-functional collaboration between product and CS

Product management teams hold the keys to product usage data, and oftentimes, it’s siloed in a point solution that customer success teams don’t have access to. With product usage data from Pendo and Mixpanel now integrated into Totango, product management and CS teams can work together to define and deliver adoption campaigns that increase the usage of the most valuable features. Product usage milestones can trigger any number of actions within Totango, giving the CS team the opportunity to drive the adoption of sticky features or prevent risk.

Create an open data ecosystem

Totango believes in creating an open framework for the entire enterprise tech stack to impact customer success. We partner with a variety of vendors across categories to provide our customers with a broad ecosystem of solutions based on demand. 

Contact us today to learn how you can integrate Totango into your existing tech stack to drive executive alignment across the C-suite and cross-functional collaboration that leads to accelerated customer outcomes and value.

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