Supercharge customer success with Totango email and calendar integrations

Totango email and calendar integrations

Every customer interaction matters in today’s digital age. These touchpoints serve as critical indicators of overall customer health, enabling leaders to proactively detect risk, prevent churn, and identify opportunities for expansion and revenue growth. But, oftentimes, managing and documenting these customer interactions—especially cross-functionally among global and remote teams—can be challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why Totango now offers powerful integrations with leading email and scheduling providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar, to help make every touchpoint, every moment, and every communication with customers more streamlined and effective.

Seamlessly log touchpoints with Gmail and Outlook

Gmail is the world’s largest email service provider, boasting a whopping 1.8 billion active users worldwide. Now, you can combine the power of Gmail with the ingenuity of Totango through Totango’s new Google Chrome extension. Rather than hopping back and forth between screens, this extension allows you to access pertinent account data from Totango without leaving Gmail. Users can search and select accounts and contact information, access touchpoint templates, and log a copy of the email to that account’s timeline as a touchpoint in Totango. 

“I’ve been waiting over a year for this Gmail + Totango integration… It works like a charm and makes things SO MUCH EASIER. Just started using it and am excited to see Touchpoint Templates available soon.” — Shona Fenner, Senior CX Operations Manager at Petdesk

Not a Gmail user? Not a problem. Totango also integrates with Outlook email to provide the same benefits. Regardless of your email service provider, these tools allow your customer success teams to see all customer interactions in one place—your Totango platform—without any manual logging, which increases your team’s operational efficiency, improves communication effectiveness, and enhances cross-functional visibility into customer interactions.  

Track meetings as tasks with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

Similar to email, meetings and events are critical to maintaining consistent connections with your customers. Totango’s integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar make sharing information seamless. When a meeting is added to a user’s calendar, the appropriate account and contact records automatically sync as tasks in Totango, providing visibility into customer interactions for the rest of the customer success team without the need for manual input. This functionality eliminates inconsistencies or missed touchpoints that could result in a negative customer experience.

Improve productivity and cross-functional collaboration

Email and calendar integrations are two more ways we’re working to make Totango the most comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly customer success software on the market. 

Contact us today to learn how you can embrace the seamless blend of email communication and scheduling tools in Totango for a transformative approach to customer success.

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