Totango offers more ways to stay aligned with your team and customers


In many parts of the world, the sun is shining and everything is starting to blossom. Totango is growing and innovating, too!

Today, I am happy to  introduce more exciting features and functionalities as part of  Belize:

Touchpoint Enhancement: Increase alignment and Collaboration with Threaded Touchpoints


Increase team collaboration and alignment by tracking any interaction with customers through emails as touchpoints in Totango. Now, when a colleague adds a touchpoint to an account in Totango, you can receive it via email and reply directly from your email client, adding your comments to the thread and making it visible to all on the account’s timeline. 

Integrated timeline view between Totango and SalesForce

Now you can fully synchronize Tasks and touchpoints with SalesForce.
Collaboration is critical, and especially when teams are distributed and working remotely. While the Customer Success team works in Totango Spark, often the sales team will work primarily in Salesforce and log their customer interactions there.  With full task and touchpoint synchronization, now all Salesforce data will be presented in Totango automatically and all Totango data from the CS team will appear in Salesforce. Collaboration and sharing data has never been simpler!

Simplified Filtering Experience on the Agenda View

We heard and appreciate your feedback on the way your team prioritizes work in the Agenda view. We’ve made usability enhancements and simplified filtering to help your team get to customer work quickly and easily. 

To learn about more enhancements released this week, visit our release notes.

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