Totango Product Update -Staying warm in Fiji

Hi there,

I hope all of you had a great weekend, and for those who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you got some additional rest and relaxation. We are almost at the end of this special weird year moving swiftly towards 2021. Before we get to the new year, we still have some great functionality we would like to deliver by the end of 2020.

New Totango usage analytics will allow admins and users to report the usage and performance of the team.

This new reporting includes information about who has logged in, how often, how they are using Totango and how they are staying on top of their customer relationships – their engagement and tasks. Read more.

Stream Information From Your Google Drive To Totango Customer Data Hub

The main way to stream data between systems is by using files. Totango now enables customers to stream data using a direct connection from your company’s Google Drive. You can use it for a recurring stream of information or a one-time upload.

Read more about data file integrations, how to create a Google Drive connector, and how to prepare your CSV files.

Use Your Google Spreadsheet To Sync Data to Totango

Easily configure the Totango Customer Data Hub to sync data from Google Spreadsheet directly in a one-time or a recurring manner. Read more.

Configure Help and Support links
Define custom organizational help and support links for your users so they can find help quickly. Read more.

Segment on bounced users from Campaign
Segment on bounced campaign users to quickly fix email issues and improve deliverability. Read more.

Define multiple domains for logging emails to touchpoint

If you have multiple domains in use with Totango, you can configure those Domains in the domains field in General Settings so the system can correctly handle your customer email domains while filing the touchpoint against the right account. Read more.

For additional details please visit the release notes or for any further product feedback, you can use the Totango community.

Till next time, stay safe

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