Unlock growth potential with Totango revenue intelligence integrations

Totango integrations with Gong and Chorus

Totango now offers integrations with leading revenue intelligence platforms Gong and Chorus to help teams enhance operational efficiency and leverage the insights gleaned from customer interactions to drive strategic decision-making.

In the world of customer success (CS), every customer interaction is an opportunity to hone insights that can sharpen their path to success. These touchpoints are key for driving positive customer outcomes and unlocking new revenue potential—which makes connecting revenue intelligence platforms, like Gong and Chorus, directly into Totango critical to accelerate the path to success for customers, relieving what would be an otherwise time-consuming and difficult burden. 


Bridge the gap between customer interactions and operational insights

Gong stands at the forefront of revolutionizing revenue teams by uncovering the deepest realities in customer conversations. Its patented Revenue Intelligence Platform™ captures and understands every customer interaction, then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions. With the Gong integration from Totango, Gong meeting summaries are logged to Totango as a touchpoint against the appropriate account and contact records, reducing the manual effort of logging touchpoints with meeting notes. The most critical interactions and operational insights are bridged seamlessly across systems, teams, and moments, creating a more complete understanding of customers in real-time and bridging the gap between customer interactions and operational insights.


Drive revenue performance

Chorus by ZoomInfo is a conversation intelligence solution that records, transcribes, and analyzes conversations to provide teams unparalleled visibility into relationships that drive revenue. By helping to identify and replicate winning behaviors, Chorus empowers teams to maximize revenue, prevent risks, and gain visibility into the full relationship context. The Chorus integration from Totango ensures that valuable customer conversations are captured in one place, allowing teams to make cross-functional decisions with transparency and a more comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and customer relationships.

Totango’s integration process is simple and secure. By establishing a secure connection between Gong or Chorus and Totango through the Customer Data Hub, businesses can effortlessly log customer interactions against the relevant account and contact records in a centralized location—the Totango CS platform. This streamlined integration eliminates manual effort, increases productivity, and ensures every organizational partner can access all customer interactions in one safe and secure location.


Seamlessly connect all data streams to enhance customer value and outcomes

At Totango, we believe in taking a holistic approach to customer success, which means helping companies see the full picture of their customer’s health in real time. Establishing a secure connection between Gong or Chorus and Totango allows businesses to seamlessly connect customer data streams and leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure all customer interactions are collected, organized, and accessible safely across the organization.

As we move toward the next generation of customer success, enterprise leaders will become even more dependent on CS to identify and plot the path to revenue retention and growth—making data-driven decisions based on a complete understanding of customers and their most current dynamics paramount.

Learn how Totango can help your business unlock revenue potential, enhance operational efficiency, and foster a holistic approach to customer success.


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