Totango Product Update -Fiji we have arrived


We have finally virtually arrived in Fiji and I am excited to spend from now until the end of 2020 there. I am so excited to fill you in on what we have been working on. Our Fiji product releases will focus on a plethora of usability enhancements and more tools than ever to help you drive effective digital engagement which we all know is so crucial these days.

Fiji will also enable you to connect Totango with multiple Google systems starting with Google Big Query Data Warehouse which is actually available today as well as many other new systems such as Stripe, Mix Panel, etc.. You will also start seeing more SuccessBLOCS added to our SuccessBLOC marketplace. We want to make sure we are arming you with best-practice content to ensure effective communications and processes with your customers.

Find what you need faster 

1. The search results are now ranked based on recency. It will be easier than ever to find what you need.

  • Accounts will appear based on the accounts that you engaged with the most in the last 30-days.
  • Users will appear based on the number and recency of their interactions.

2. You can also activate a global search using keyboard shortcuts. Use CMD+/ on Mac and CTRL+/ on Windows to quickly access the global search from anywhere in the app.2

Leveraging and using folders is easier 

1. Navigation between folders is now easier.

  • When you navigate down a path of sub-folders, it will now take you to the parent folder, instead of the root folder always.

2. You can directly share a folder link with your colleagues for easier collaboration.

Increase efficiency and drive actions faster by getting more context for notifications

  • The notifications reviewing experience has been enhanced to save you time and provide the context you need without switching back and forth between views.
  • Notification and Agenda are focused on my work and my teamwork notifications. Agenda show accounts and tasks from the current SuccessTeam and the logged-in user’s tasks from other teams.

Stream Information Directly From Your Google BigQuery Data Warehouse To Totango Customer Data Hub 

Streaming data to Totango from various data sources just got easier. Since data warehouses are the main data storage in any organization, Totango now enables customers to stream data using a direct connection from your company’s Google BigQuery data warehouses.

Data Warehouse integration capabilities include:

  • Syncing data from several instances of the same data source.
  • Filtering incoming information and using data warehouse querying native capabilities, saving you time and effort.
  • Creating faster, more efficient integrations by configuring an incremental sync.
  • Monitoring Data Warehouse integration information in a unified view.

Stream information securely from any Data warehouse connectors using SSL encryption 

All data warehouse connectors now support SSL encryption out-of-the-box. Totango Customer Data Hub will use an SSL encrypted connection in case it is activated and use a non-SSL encrypted connection otherwise.

Read more about data warehouse integrations and how to create a Google BigQuery connector

For additional details please visit the release notes or for any further product feedback, you can use the Totango community.

Till next time, stay safe

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