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Totango's 2022 product roadmap

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Ravit Danino, our SVP of Product presented our Roadmap to Customer Success and what’s coming for 2022

We wrapped up 2021 with a few game-changing innovations and are excited to get on the road again with another exciting year of new features.

In 2022, we’re upping our game on customer engagement, creating more team collaboration experiences, connecting Totango to more of the tools you use every day, and supporting your organizational changes and evolution.

In case you missed it, Ravit Danino, our SVP of Product, presented our Roadmap to Customer Success and what’s coming for 2022. Check out some of the exciting features she covered below and be sure to watch the webinar above to get the full scoop on what we have in store for you this year!

More Customer Engagement Capabilities: We’re giving you more tools to help you engage with your customers more easily and effectively and ensuring that you’re meeting them in the right places and with the right messages. A few of these tools include:

  • Improved customer engagement reporting tools that allow you to analyze the effectiveness of individual campaigns and make sure you are sending messages out at the right time.
  • The ability to leverage customer data to prepare and drive customer review meetings, like quarterly and executive business reviews.
  • In-app messaging tools with multiple language capabilities that allow you to meet and engage with your customers where they spend of most their time and in the right language.

Improved Team Collaboration Experiences: Customer success requires collaboration from the entire organization, so we’re providing you with more tools to do that, such as:

  • The ability to share customer journeys with the rest of your team, and collect and provide feedback on engagement and performance metrics.
  • The ability to collaborate with specific teams on specific workflows and parts of the customer journey using tags.
  • More templates and best practices around customer experience.

Easier Integrations: We’re making it easier for you to integrate Totango with the tools that you use every day. Our new capabilities allow you to:

  • Use codeless integration to easily connect Totango to monitor data around product usage systems.
  • Improve CSM productivity and standardization by connecting day-to-day office tools with Totango (such as email and calendars) so your team can handle all tasks from Totango and focus their days around customer success activities.

New Ways to Manage Your Data Model: Every organization goes through changes and needs to redesign their data models from time to time. We’re enabling you to drive data model changes easily by:

  • Enabling you to unlink your Totango data from your organizational structure.
  • Allowing you to access all of the latest customer data across your account families within Totango.

Be sure to check out the full webinar above to hear all about these updates and what else we have in store for you in 2022! If you’re not already a Totango customer, get started for free and try our customer success innovations for yourself.

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