Announcing Totango’s Winter ’20 Release: Jasper

Winter weather certainly makes you appreciate sunny days. I changed my travel plans today to take advantage of the beautiful weather to ski in Jasper, Canada. 

So, I am happy to launch today Totango’s Winter ‘20 release, Jasper. This release will have a lot of exciting content and I invite all of you to join me for the Product Webinar on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 1pm EST / 10am PST.

Today we start Jasper with many exciting features!

SuccessBLOC Gallery 

As a leader of Customer Success, you would like to drive for value as soon as possible and achieve your organization’s objectives. Our new SuccessBLOC Gallery enables you to begin driving towards your goals faster than ever before. This provides starting-point templates of best practices and our tried-and-true KPIs. We also give you the room to make changes and additions to best fit your team’s needs. 

Outcome SuccessPlay 

Imagine that you are sitting in a meeting with one of your customers and working together to define the objectives that they would like to achieve by using your product. As the owner of the meeting you need to:

  • Document the participants 
  • Document the objective
  • Define a plan 
  • Track responsibilities and deliverables

Outcome SuccessPlans enable you to accomplish this in an organized way, directly in Totango. You can leverage our newly enhanced touchpoints to help you define the plan, store it in Totango as part of the customer’s account profile, and instantly share via email with your customers.  

The enhanced touchpoints will allow you to define the type of customer interaction (web meeting, face-to-face, etc.) and directly tie it to a SuccessPlay. Using the new Plan tab in the account profile, you’ll be able to define your plan and track towards your objectives in a collaborative effort with the entire account team. We’re very excited to share this newest innovation which you can learn more about in the Outcome SuccessPlan knowledge base article. 

We promised a lot of surprises with Jasper, and today’s sprint release is just the beginning. You can review all the great features and more user experience changes in release notes.

To learn more about the exciting things in store at Totango, I invite you to join our Product Webinar on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 1pm EST / 10am PST. Register today!

Ravit & the Totango Product Team

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