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New Release: The top 3 ROI metrics Customer Success needs to track

2 – min read The holy grail of customer success is to easily prove the “value” or results that your customers get with your products. According to a survey of B2B buyers by IDC, “81% of buyers expect vendors to quantify the business value of proposed solutions” (IDC Survey of B2B Buyers, 2010). Yet, the most common way for SaaS businesses to show that value is by using a combination of metrics that only skim the surface (e.g., number of logins in the last month or time per user in the app) along with subjective satisfaction metrics.

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Reimagined

2 – min read When you’re in an industry that has completely taken off, sometimes you need to take a step back and say, “what were we trying to …

Company updates

New App: Totango Zendesk Application

< 1 – min read Two big announcements in one week. I’m also really excited to announce the availability of the Totango Zendesk Application, available from the Zendesk App Marketplace. …

Product updates

Introducing the Totango iOS API

< 1 – min read We’re pleased to release a new Totango integration package for iOS developers. Now you can easily instrument your iPhone and iPad applications with Totango, making …

Customer Engagement

Customer Health Dashboard

< 1 – min read Today, we’re excited to announce a major new functionality in Totango. The Totango Customer Health Dashboard – A unique way to know, track and proactively …

Business Insights

The SaaS Executive Dashboard

2 – min read Today, the Totango team is excited to announce a brand new “SaaS Executive Dashboard”. The Totango SaaS Executive Dashboard is an extension of the Totango …

Product updates

Stop Shooting in the Dark. Sell SaaS Faster.

2 – min read It’s 2 days until the end of the quarter and salespeople around the globe are scrambling, trying to close sales and meet quotas. It is, …

Product updates

Getting Personal with Your Customers

2 – min read One of the first things that grabs people’s attention when they begin using SaaSPulse is our real-time User Activity Stream. As one of our beta …

Product updates

The Trial Flood Now Works For You

< 1 – min read Sales and marketing departments in SaaS companies share a dream: A trial flood. A well-lubricated acquisition funnel that generates an endless, fast-paced stream of new …

Customer Success

Start Each Day Focused on Customers

2 – min read We didn’t let the festivities of the new year slow us down too much and just released a new version of the SaaSPulse application. We …

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