Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement on behalf of our customers is most evident in our frequent delivery of new product functionality. Look want we have been up to lately.

Product updates

Introducing the Totango iOS API

< 1 – min read We’re pleased to release a new Totango integration package for iOS developers. Now you can easily instrument your iPhone and iPad applications with Totango, making …

Product updates

Product Update: How Much Time Are Users Investing in Your Web-App?

< 1 – min read Understanding the amount of time users spend in your application, and the actions they take, is the best way to know the level of value …

Product updates

Stop Shooting in the Dark. Sell SaaS Faster.

2 – min read It’s 2 days until the end of the quarter and salespeople around the globe are scrambling, trying to close sales and meet quotas. It is, …

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Product updates

Getting Personal with Your Customers

2 – min read One of the first things that grabs people’s attention when they begin using SaaSPulse is our real-time User Activity Stream. As one of our beta …

Product updates

The Trial Flood Now Works For You

< 1 – min read Sales and marketing departments in SaaS companies share a dream: A trial flood. A well-lubricated acquisition funnel that generates an endless, fast-paced stream of new …

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