New Release: Automate customer communications with Customer Success Campaigns

We continue to push forward in a bold way in reimagining Customer Success at Totango (read about some of our previous releases to learn more) and today we are delighted to announce the pièce de résistance (in my humble opinion), Customer Success Campaigns.

What is Customer Success Campaigns?

A simple, intuitive, and scalable way to automatically engage with every single user in your customer base with the right message at the right time based on their behavior and actions.  This is something that traditional marketing systems are unable to do.  Campaigns take Totango’s powerful analytics capabilities and enables you, dear Customer, to create precise user and account segments to target with messages and content that will drive desired business outcomes.

Let’s break it down in a use case:

  1. Automatically send out a “Hello, I’m Athena, your Customer Success Manager” email to every single new user in your application the day they get access to your application.  Put in a call-to-action to complete a key action.  
  2. Immediately track if new users actually completed key action step.
  3. Automatically send a follow-up message from their CSM to encourage them to complete said key action and offer to do a one on one training to get them up and running
  4. See which users actually did the activity you wanted them to do.  Refine the message for those that didn’t, rinse and repeat.
  5. See amazing adoption rates among new users and show off to your Manager, CEO, Board of Directors, and Mom.  

This functionality will expand the reach of every Customer Success Manager on your team to all of their users in an authentic and meaningful way.

Why do you need it?

As your Customer Success team grows, you will need to scale your communications with customers in an authentic and relevant way.  This functionality helps you not only do that, but also determine which messages are not effective and refine them to reach your desired outcomes.  

As a Marketer, I can without bias (well, maybe a little) say that this is the most simple tool that I have ever used to send automated messages.  Creating and sending campaigns is a delight and takes a matter of minutes.  But, my favorite part is being able to tie real, actionable goals to the campaigns rather than be forced to measure metrics such as open and click rates.  I immediately know if my email was effective in getting my user to actually complete that key action.  

Be prepared to change the way you run you Customer Success business!  

How do I get my hands on this amazing technology right away?


Customer Success Campaigns by Totango

Goal Achievement View – see the impact of your messages beyond open and click rates.

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