More on IBIZA, Totango Product Updates | August 12, 2019

We’ve released our newest iteration of IBIZA, with some very exciting updates! Read on to see how we’re focusing on productivity.

Early Access Feature Controls

Admins now have the ability to control whether their users can access new Beta release features, and if enabled, individual users can toggle on/off these new experiences. This gives you the ability to consume new releases when you and your team are ready. Go ahead and open the new experience for your team .

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Faster Segments Experience

We all know how valuable segmentation is across Totango, and now we have even more tools to help you be productive! 

The new segments experience provides:

    • Personal Folders – Every Totango user has a personal folder to keep segments for their own use, conveniently located on the home page
    • Data organized by dimensions, enabling you to find attributes quickly and easily
    • Faster, better user experience
    • Additional data insights‍

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Track Personal Portfolio Progress on SuccessBLOC Goals

Users can now view SuccessBLOC scorecard metrics for all accounts and their personal portfolio. This allows CSMs to track their progress on team goals. We built this based on your feedback, so thank you for helping to make Totango great! Learn More

Text Formatting Supported in Touchpoints and Tasks

You can now copy data directly from any documents to touchpoints or tasks, and text formatting is retained. 

API Management of Totango System Users
Admins can now manage Totango system users via API integration. This will give you the ability to add and remove Totango system users and update their information via API.  Any user API call can now use SCIM API. Learn More

There is even more, you can find all the details in ‍‍the Release Notes, where you will find all the information for the release.

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