Totango IBIZA Product Updates | October 28th, 2019

Totango Product Updates | October 28, 2019

Today we are excited to bring you the final sprint from IBIZA, and are happy to share that we’ve already started working on the next release. More details on that soon!

IBIZA in Review
Starting with IBIZA, we moved to a themed release cycle, with each bi-weekly sprint delivery contributing to the release’s overall theme. Our IBIZA release has focused on workflow and experience enhancements for Portfolio Managers, bringing efficiency and one-click engagements to their day. 

So what did IBIZA include?

  • Modern and even more intuitive data-driven segmentation
  • Personal Folder in My Portfolio and improved browsing experience
  • New Agenda for workflow management
  • Task completion and follow up actions
  • Run SuccessPlay 
  • Rapid Insights Forms
  • Early Access Controls 

IBIZA Release to General Audience
For those who have not yet experienced the new features of IBIZA, now is the time to start. By November 25th, all IBIZA features will be opened by default for all customers. We encourage you to take this time to enable the features and prepare your team for the upcoming changes. 

Thank You,
Your Totango Team

Sprint Release Notes – Monday, October 28, 2019

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