New App: Totango Zendesk Application

Two big announcements in one week. I’m also really excited to announce the availability of the Totango Zendesk Application, available from the Zendesk App Marketplace.  The Application adds a widget to the sidebar of the Zendesk service desk dashboard (see below) that pulls insights about the user – such as account health, engagement score – for the agent from Totango!

Now your support agent can get an instant understanding if the user is a newbie or veteran user and whether their account is in good health or is coming close to a renewal. Additionally, a summary of the user’s recent activities in the web application is displayed right next to the ticket, making it easy for them to tune their approach to the ticket and improve close rates and customer satisfaction ratings.

The Totango Application for Zendesk is provided free of charge. If your organization uses Zendesk & Totango you really must give it a try. To get a better idea of how the app works, take a look at the short video tutorial below.

Ready to get started? Check out the installation instructions:

Other important improvements to Totango this month:

* A new and improved Accounts page with improved performance and usability.
* You can now switch between Sandbox and production accounts from the Settings | Salesforce page. Great for initial implementation and testing!

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  1. Any plans to do something similar for

  2. Any plans to do something similar for

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