Introducing Destination Pages for Dynamic Customer Success | November 11th, 2019

How are User Engagement and Retention Related? It’s simple: engaged users are more likely to stick with your brand.


We have been hard at work and are excited to share our latest engagement feature with you!

Introducing Destination Pages for Dynamic Customer Success

Communicating with your customers at the right time, in the right context is very important and we know many of you are doing it by leveraging Totango campaigns. 

Our newest feature, Destination Pages, allows you to take action when a customer engages with your campaign.  Clicking on a link or call-to-action button in a campaign can now bring the user to a fully customized destination page, where you can present your customers with more information and more importantly, feed data back into Totango. 

Example Use Case

Let’s say your marketing team is planning an event and is looking for customers as expert guest speakers. You want to ask customers who will represent the company and products well, so you send a targeted campaign with a call for speakers. Once customers show interest in speaking, your team will want to thank them and have the Success Manager reach out to gather more information and continue the conversation. 

This is simple with our new Destination Pages. Here’s how it works:

  • Identify – Create a segment to define the audience of customers you would like to approach
  • Communicate – Send a campaign to those users with a call-to-action button, ‘I am interested!’ 
  • Use Intelligent Automation – The button links to the Destination Page, which is fully customized for your organization. It can contain more information about the event, and say (in this example) “Thank you for your interest, your Success Manager will contact you shortly with details.” The action that the customer took to engage automatically updates the value of the attribute in Totango “Interested in Speaking.”
  • Workflow Management – A SuccessPlay in Totango, that is triggered based on the value of the above attribute (‘Interested in Speaking’), fires and automatically creates a task in Totango for the Success Manager to follow up with the user.

Of course, this example is just one of many ways you can leverage this new great feature….

Any engagement you have with your customers that you want to follow with an activity from the team can be done using Destination Pages. This simple workflow can be built in just minutes leveraging Totango’s new Destination Pages. Click here to learn more and see other examples. 

Housekeeping Notes: Early Access Controls and IBIZA General Audience Release
This sprint and the next sprint of Q4’19 will be part of Totango’s SEDONA release. More info to come soon! 

Have a Great Week,
Ravit & the Totango Product Team


Release Notes 

Release Notes – Ver 10.152 – November 11th, 2019

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