More on IBIZA, Totango Product Updates | August 26, 2019

Continuing on the journey of providing more value to Portfolio managers, this sprint we are releasing set of features to help drive productivity.

Information Request Forms is our newest tool, which enables teams to achieve end to end workflows within Totango by asking the specified team members to fill in the relevant data in context and in time.

Imagine that your sales team has signed a new customer (Yay!) and now the customer success team needs to begin the onboarding process. This is a critical time for knowledge transfer from one team to another, where lots of valuable data that was collected during the sales cycle must be recorded and communicated to the rest of the organization. 

How does this happen today? In most teams, (yet) another call with sales, customer success, and often many other stakeholders is held to gather the information, to be kept in documents.  These ad-hoc meetings and documents can lead to lost information and headache for the entire team. 

Now, using Information Request Forms teams can automate the process and moreover operate on the data. Instead, assume that once the deal is signed a new account is created in Totango, which will trigger a SuccessPlay. One of the tasks of the SuccessPlay is to send a ‘Sales Handover Form’ to the sales person. This will be done automatically by the SuccessPlay for every account that qualifies. The sales person will fill in the  ‘Sales Handover Form’ as part of the task and the data will be stored in the Totango Account. Once complete, the Success Manager will get a message that the ‘Sales Handover Form’ was filled and the data is available. Now the Customer Success team can consume the data and continue to onboard the account, or a new automation can be triggered based on the new input.Information Request Forms are fully customizable by your team, and are meant to enhance your workflows. The ‘Sales Handover From’ is just one example of how a team can use this new tool, and many more can be found in our Knowledge Base. 

Once you have created new forms for your team, you can trigger them as part of SuccessPlays.

We have even more to share, you can read all about it in the Release Notes.

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