Product updates November 26, 2019 – Sedona is here

Totango Fall 2019 Release - Sedona


Today, our Ibiza experience is available for all Totango users.

This week is also very exciting as many of us start the holiday season and we’ve released our first Sedona deliverables.

Sedona Release
The new Sedona release is focused on enabling you to drive customer success at scale, more effectively and efficiently.  This release also leverages Totango best practices to provide a more prescriptive way of engaging with your customers to deliver a world-class customer experience.  We’ll be delivering new features around this theme in our bi-weekly sprints.

Destination Pages
Last week we enabled you to serve destination pages from Totango campaigns.

Account Profile Recent Changes Tab
Totango now gives more visibility on the account profile page with the new Recent Changes tab. This will enable you to quickly see what’s changed on an account and see the current and previous value of each attribute. You’ll see that the attributes can also organized by Dimension, allowing you to quickly focus and find the information you need. Visit any account in Totango to check it out!

Search by Account ID
Totango users can now search for accounts not only by name but also ID, giving you more ways to easily access customer data.

As always you can get more details about today’s release in our Knowledge Base.  

For those celebrating this week, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Totango!

Have a Great Week,
Ravit & the Totango Product Team


Sprint Release Notes – Monday, November 25, 2019

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