Totango product innovations help CS drive predictable revenue growth

Totango product innovations

It’s no secret that businesses have been hit hard in 2023. With budgets being cut, staff being laid off, and sales cycles getting longer, many businesses are feeling the pressure, especially in the tech sector. To survive this tough “do more with less” climate, companies are turning to their customer success (CS) teams to ramp up their customer retention and expansion efforts.

While CS is poised to be in the driver’s seat for retention and expansion, we believe that everyone across the enterprise plays a role in customer success. That’s why we’re continually making improvements to our Composable Customer Success platform to provide greater visibility to cross-functional teams, automate CS tasks and processes, and connect with other key systems in the enterprise tech stack to better track the business value of CS. Our latest platform enhancements and solutions help you scale without needing to add headcount, and make CS a company-wide initiative that drives predictable revenue growth.

Our latest product release delivers three important updates:

    • Viewer Seat: New seat license type that provides visibility into customer health and KPIs for executives and cross-functional teams
    • Video Business Reviews (VBR): Scales customer communications and minimizes churn by automatically generating high-quality, personalized video content for clients
    • Opportunity Management: Allows CS teams to identify and create expansion sales opportunities in Totango that can be synced with Salesforce

Viewer seats: greater visibility for cross-functional teams

Viewer Seats provide read-only access for executives and cross-functional team members across sales, marketing, and product so they can see customer health data, KPIs, workflows (SuccessPlays), and performance of the CS program. These new seat licenses are add-ons to any Totango plan, making CS program visibility very accessible. 


Automation to scale and deepen customer engagement

Video Business Reviews (VBRs)

Creating personalized campaign content for the “tech touch” segment of your customer base is difficult because it’s so time consuming. While this customer segment may not be your biggest spenders, there certainly are lots of them and it can be tough to engage with everyone on the list. Rather than see engagement dwindle and lead to customer churn and lost revenue, Totango customers can now scale engagement with a digital-first approach: Video Business Reviews, personalized video content sent through Totango campaigns.

Video Business Reviews automate the process of generating personalized video content so your CS initiatives reach a larger number of customers. You no longer have to wait for a QBR cadence: VBRs can be sent out through your Totango campaigns at any time or point in the customer journey. VBRs provide account-specific data with real-time metrics that increase customer engagement and retention. 

Pre-built VBR templates for common use cases include:

  • Quarterly business reviews (QBRs)
  • Contract renewal updates
  • Adding extra seat licenses


Another way to track and deepen customer engagement is through email communications. By using the Outlook integration, your Outlook emails will automatically be logged as touchpoints in Totango, so customer success managers can see all customer interactions in one place. About 70 to 80% of Totango’s customers rely on the Outlook email client as their primary email system, and this integration is a plug-in available directly from Totango.

Opportunity Management: Better sales collaboration, higher NRR

Whether or not your CS team is directly responsible for closing expansion deals in their portfolio of customer accounts, your team can now get credit for generating CS-identified opportunities and track their impact on expansion revenue. With more focus on revenue retention, this new solution enables customers to easily and effectively manage opportunities within Totango, or across Totango and Salesforce for instances that have integrated with the CRM.

The new Opportunity Management feature empowers CS teams to identify expansion opportunities based on customer data and create an opportunity in Totango that is synced in the Salesforce CRM. This enables ongoing alignment between go-to-market teams and easy attribution to CS for expansion opportunities. 

Opportunity Management leverages Totango SuccessPlay automation to identify potential expansion sales and allows CMSs to use a form to create opportunities from anywhere in the platform.

Current customers have immediate access to Video Business Reviews and the Outlook integration; Opportunity Management is currently available in private beta.

To see Totango’s Composable Customer Success platform in action, request a demo today. And stay tuned for some exciting announcements on Totango product innovations coming soon!

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