Get The Complete Picture With Enhanced Customer 360 SuccessBLOC

Today we’re announcing multiple updates to the Customer 360 SuccessBLOC, making it more powerful than ever before.

With the Customer 360 SuccessBLOC, we’ve built you a complete real-time view into customer health, across your entire customer base. This bloc will surface insights into the state of your customer base, their journey and lifecycle, whether they’re using your products or not, their level of engagement, and their willingness to recommend your business, giving you the context and history you need to engage more personally and proactively.

New and Improved Scorecard

In addition to re-ordering some KPIs to make the experience more intuitive, we’ve added multiple new Goals and KPIs, providing you with an even better single source of truth for understanding your customer base. Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Goal: Surface Renewal Insights
    • Current Quarter Renewal Accounts
    • Current Quarter Renewable Revenue
    • Current Quarter Renewals At Risk
    • Next Quarter Renewable Accounts
    • Next Quarter Renewable Revenue
    • Next Quarter Renewals At Risk
  • Goal: Surface Expansion Insights
    • Current Quarter Growth Opportunities
    • Current Quarter Growth Opportunities At Risk
    • Next Quarter Growth Opportunities
    • Next Quarter Growth Opportunities At Risk

Proactively Maintain Data Integrity

Because your reporting and insights are only as good as the data that’s fed into Totango, we’ve added multiple SuccessPlays to proactively engage your team when the system detects critical missing data like:

  • Missing Contract Value and Contract Status
  • Missing Licenses
  • Missing Renewal Dates
  • Missing Industry
  • Accounts with no Plan Objectives
  • Missing Customer Sentiment
  • Missing Account Tier

Get started with these powerful enhancements today by installing the bloc from the SuccessBLOC Marketplace.

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