Totango Product Update – Welcome to Kyoto!

We are excited to start our journey in Kyoto!
In Kyoto, we’re investing in: 

  • Digital Engagement – Living in a digital world means timely digital tools to manage, visualize, and drive the digital journey. This includes new SuccessBLOCS that will enable you to leverage industry-based practices.
  • Health – Control health definitions and get more visibility in health reasons to drive the right action. 
  • Integration – Enhanced and easier control of the data flow from Totango to customer systems. 
  • Enhancements – Stay tuned for various usability enhancements to increase ease of use. 

As part of the Digital Engagement focus, next week we will share more on how to manage your customers’ digital journey in Totango using SucceasBLOCs. Join us in ‍this live webinar‍ to learn more about Digital Customer Success.

Digital Engagement
Introducing the Nurture Customers SuccessBLOC

The digital Nurture Customers SuccessBLOC is designed for businesses who need to scale and automate their Customer Nurture program. It comes out of the box with all the foundational content including scorecards, pre-built customer segments, workflows, email templates, and assets that you need to stay top-of-mind. Ultimately, this SuccessBLOC consistently increases customer engagement, nurtures relationships, and improves customer retention.

Download Campaign Metrics for Targeted Users
You can now download a standardized report for Campaigns that targeted users in the last 1/3/6/9/12 weeks and/or months.  More details are ‍here.

Collection Criteria Segmentation
Campaigns, SuccessPlays, Account, and User segments with more than one collection criteria now returns accurate results when all the collection criteria match the same collection record. You can read more ‍here.

End-User Improvements 

  • System Browser Scripts settings – You can now enable/disable session recordings in Global Settings -> General. You can also enable a walkthrough script with a script URL. 
  • SCIM User API Improvements: Support API capabilities to update team members in Groups / Teams. 
  • CSAT and NPS data types are now valid data types in Customer Data Hub field mapping. 

For additional details, please review the ‍product release notes.‍ 

Till next time, stay safe and enjoy the great value Kyoto brings.

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