Seamless Customer Collaboration | Product Update, March 2, 2020

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When we started our winter release journey to Jasper, I mentioned we would have lots of surprises in store. Today we have more exciting news for you!

Outcome SuccessPlans & Customer Portal
You can now manage long-term plans for your accounts using the Plan tab in the account profile, benefiting both your internal team and your customers. This enables you to document objectives and the SuccessPlays and tasks driving them for your customers, giving your entire team visibility and the ability to collaborate on the overall Plan.  

Since the key to success is transparency and collaboration, you also have the option to share the Plan with your customers in our new Customer Portal. Doing so ensures mutual success as you and your customers have full visibility into the plan and you can work together towards goals and milestones. It also increases their trust in you and helps to reaffirm your commitment to them, as you can share progress and assign ownership of the work to be done.

Creating Outcome SuccessPlans drives mutual value for your organization and your customers. To learn more about Plans and some sample use cases, visit our Knowledge Base

Folder Organization in SuccessBLOCs
Your feedback and ideas are what constantly drive us! You can now arrange the components of each SuccessBLOC into folders, including Campaigns, SuccessPlays, and more. This will enable you to arrange your content and make it quickly and easily accessible. To create a folder in each section of the SuccessBLOC, click the green “plus” icon. 

As you can see, we keep focusing on improving your experience as well as collaboration with your customers. Customer success is all about your team and your customers.



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