Welcome to the Revenue Revolution: A Company Update from Alistair Rennie, CEO of Totango

Totango + Catalyst

In today’s dynamic landscape, the customer holds unprecedented power. It’s no longer sufficient for businesses to merely survive; they must deliver measurable value quickly and consistently. While new customer acquisition remains important, our era of responsible growth underscores the vital importance of guiding customers toward positive business outcomes as the most sustainable pathway to success.

This is a revolution for the next turn of customer success: a focus on revenue and post-sale monetization.

I am thrilled to announce that Totango has joined forces with Catalyst, innovative thought leaders who have developed an intuitive solution to power customer-led growth. Together, we embark on a mission to ensure the longevity of businesses by investing in their most valuable asset: customers. 

At Totango we pride ourselves on being category creators. Our founder literally wrote the book on customer success, and our software is trusted by some of the largest customer success teams globally. 

Catalyst, led by co-founders Edward and Kevin Chiu, is renowned for its forward-thinking approach toward revenue and post-sale lifecycle management. Together, our merger empowers not only customer success teams but the entire post-sale revenue organization to thrive.

But what does this mean for you, our customers?

Rest assured, your continuity and commitments remain our top priority. Today, nothing changes. We have two exceptional products that will continue to receive upgrades and enhancements as we work tirelessly to support your customer-led growth strategies with a unified solution that combines the unique power of both platforms.

As a customer-centric organization, transparency and your success is our priority:

  • There will be no disruption to your day-to-day operations.
  • We will provide roadmap transparency and regular updates.
  • Our teams are committed to support and customer education.
  • Your current contract and agreement will be honored.

Edward and I are honored to lead this unified organization as co-CEOs. As Edward focuses on our go-to-market efforts and I guide our product, design, and engineering teams, we are motivated by our commitment to deliver an exceptional, unified platform that enables businesses at any stage to protect and grow revenue from their customer base.

Our belief is simple yet powerful: Businesses need more than traditional CRM systems or standalone customer success platforms to thrive in this new era. They need an enterprise customer growth platform—a comprehensive solution designed to manage customer relationships by driving recurring success across the post-sale revenue journey. 

Together, Totango and Catalyst offer several advantages

1. Measure and drive positive business outcomes
Our products are designed with customer outcomes in mind, allowing for true measurement of customer health.

 2. Enterprise scale and data democratization
Our customer growth platform encourages collaboration across the organization, focusing on mutual customer outcomes rather than individual goals.

3. Intelligent workflows to streamline retention and expansion
We provide pre-built program templates embedded with expert knowledge and flexible playbooks to execute post-sale plays easily.

4. Powerful analytics and AI
Our investments in
artificial intelligence enable quick action and informed decision-making.

The revolution is here, and your customers are calling.

Joining forces with Catalyst is our clarion call for the customer success industry to embrace change and drive customer-led growth by maximizing lifetime value from your current customer base. With a unified, customer-focused approach, businesses can be more intentional about balancing new customer acquisition with responsible growth, at the same time broadening the possibilities for new revenue. We’re only just beginning.

Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in Totango and Catalyst. Together, let’s shape the future of customer-led growth.


Alistair Rennie
CEO, Totango

Read more from Catalyst CEO, Edward Chiu and stay tuned for exclusive opportunities to connect with our team on the product roadmap and market-leading opportunities.  

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