Making data-driven decisions using customer analytics is essential to growing your business. Learn which metrics to focus on for each stage of the customer journey and how to take proactive steps to delight your customers.

6 Best NPS Software Solutions for 2022
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Six Best NPS Software Solutions for 2022

4 – min read The number of NPS software providers has proliferated as the importance of tracking Net Promoter Score (NPS)  has been realized by a growing number of …

gather customer insights
Customer Insights

How to Gather Customer Insights with CS Software

3 – min read Customer Success software helps your enterprise understand what matters to your customers. Being able to use your customer success data will enable you to better …

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5 Crucial Customer Satisfaction KPI Scores to Track

6 – min read Know the Most Important Customer Satisfaction KPI Metrics to Monitor Your customer satisfaction KPI data lends you invaluable insight into whether your customers are likely …

Customer data platform benefits
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Customer Data Platform Benefits: How to Make the Most of Them

5 – min read As business becomes increasingly digitized and competitive, customer engagement that makes clients feel valued and appreciated becomes more critical. Covid-19 adds another complicating factor—a heightened …

It's a good idea to keep a close eye on product usage metrics.
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The Top 5 Product Usage Metrics for Customer Success Teams

4 – min read Product usage metrics reveal the relationship your customer has with your product—and provide context for the relationship you should be having with your customer. By …

There are many benefits to using a customer data platform.
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The Customer Data Platform Benefits You Should Know

4 – min read Hidden inside customer data, there are many opportunities to grow and improve your brand, but what if you don’t know what to look for? Say …

The right customer success KPIs can reveal important insights.
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The Most Important Customer Success KPIs You Should Be Tracking

4 – min read Customer success initiatives are critical in ensuring your product gives customers the positive outcomes they’re looking for. But how can you tell if your customer …

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Complete visibility into your Revenue Stream

2 – min read For most Enterprise SaaS companies, recurring revenue from existing customers (renewals and upsells) accounts for 50-70% of total revenue. Understanding this segment of the revenue …

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5 Key Takeaways from this year’s SaaS Metrics Survey

2 – min read     Every year we take the opportunity to run a comprehensive survey of professionals at SaaS companies ranging from early startups to established businesses …

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3rd Annual SaaS Metrics Report: Underscoring the need for Customer Success

2 – min read As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to leave you with the results of our 3rd annual SaaS metrics survey on the key performance …

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Guest blog: A KPI Dashboard for early stage SaaS startups

2 – min read Note from Guy Nirpaz, Totango CEO: Helping SaaS companies figure out the key metrics that matter is something we at Totango consider part of our …

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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Customer Intelligence for Software Companies

2 – min read We wrote earlier about Aberdeen’s groundbreaking research into the value of customer intelligence: companies which use customer analytics in their customer-facing business processes see 3x …

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2nd Annual SaaS Metrics Survey Results

2 – min read See the full infographic here. Get the 2012 SaaS Metrics report here. Today we are announcing the results of the second annual SaaS metrics survey results. …

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2012 SaaS Conversions Benchmark Report is here!

< 1 – min read Our experience working with over 100 SaaS companies and online businesses has granted us a unique insight into trial conversion trends. Did you know that …

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Amy’s Customer Success Manifesto – Part3:Metrics

< 1 – min read In the third part of our four part interview with Amy Friedman, a passionate customer success pro, she talks about metrics for customer success. Top …

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Suffering from siloed customer data? Time to get that business in order!

2 – min read Companies today are able to capture a wealth of customer data and information, but oftentimes the biggest challenge is figuring out how to manage and …

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Using Customer Analytics to Increase Revenues of SaaS Business

< 1 – min read This week I was attending the Business of Software Workshop talking about Using Customer Analytics to Increase Revenues of SaaS Businesses. Using customer analytics to …

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Survey Results: Which Metrics are Key to SaaS Executives?

< 1 – min read As part of my effort to create the SaaS Executive Dashboard, which helps executives to put together their business metrics for SaaS on a single …

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The SaaS Executive Dashboard

2 – min read Today, the Totango team is excited to announce a brand new “SaaS Executive Dashboard”. The Totango SaaS Executive Dashboard is an extension of the Totango …

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Measuring User Engagement in Web Applications

< 1 – min read I came across “What is user engagement” article by Jordan Willms of Work at Play. In this post, Jordan defines a good engagement metric as …

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Making the Most of Your Metrics – Part 2

2 – min read Understanding data to increase conversion rates and key business processes   Last week, we established the need to measure the “right things” constantly in order …

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