The Customer Lifecycle is the big picture look at the entire life of the customer with various stages both pre- and post-sales. The customer lifecycle and customer journey are only slightly different. A journey assumes a clearly defined start and finishes, where the lifecycle assumes that the journey it is continuous.

customer lifecylce
Customer Lifecycle

Understanding Your Customer Lifecycle in 2021

6 – min read Today’s Customer Lifecycle Is Technology-driven As the concept of the customer lifecycle has developed, understandings have changed under the influence of technology. If you search …

Customer Lifecycle

A Customer Churn Analysis Checklist

2 – min read It is critical to manage churn especially in this time of uncertainty As topline growth may be stagnant due to the crisis, it’s even more …

What is the right customer success technology and how it can improve your B2B Customer Lifecycle Management?
Customer Lifecycle

How to Select a B2B Customer Lifecycle Management Solution

3 – min read Attracting new leads is great—but what then? Retaining loyal customers is equally as important as converting them in the first place, perhaps even more so. …

Customer Lifecycle

Managing B2B Customer Lifecycle Stages

4 – min read Keeping pace with your customer’s evolving needs and experiences throughout their journey is essential to remaining a part of their plans. The most effective way …

Customer Lifecycle

Making the Most of the Customer Lifecycle Management Process

4 – min read A strong customer relationship can last for years. How do you begin to manage all the potential outcomes, needs, and variables that determine the path …

Customer Lifecycle

3 Steps to Lifecycle Marketing Success

4 – min read Introduction Congratulations, as a marketing professional you’ve successfully recruited a qualified customer base: people who audited your product and ultimately chose you above the competition. …

Customer Lifecycle

The Top 10 Requirements for an Effective Client Lifecycle

4 – min read 1. Must be a corporate wide initiative – not just a client services initiative. Without Board and CEO level visibility, buy-in and sponsorship this type …

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