For recurring revenue businesses, the value of a customer is not limited to the value of their first purchase. Every renewal or upgrade contributes to Customer Lifetime Value, or the total revenue yielded from an individual customer. Learn how to maximize the lifetime value of each of your customers.

Measure the Lifetime Value of SaaS Customers
Customer Lifetime Value

How to Measure the Lifetime Value of SaaS Customers

4 – min read Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a glimpse into your enterprise’s future. It is the sum of the profit you make from your customers over time, …

Customer Lifetime Value

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

4 – min read To succeed as a subscription or recurring revenue enterprise, you need to adopt a customer-centered approach. Instead of focusing just on the acquisition of new …

Explore the importance of communication when it comes to increasing customer lifetime value (CLV).
Customer Lifetime Value

Exploring the Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

4 – min read In today’s customer-centered economy, focusing on short-term customers is an outdated business model. Instead, enterprises must nurture every customer relationship to increase retention and customer …

Customer Lifetime Value

The Benefits of Customer Lifetime Value: Why It Matters

4 – min read What do America’s longest running companies all have in common? They focus on the big picture: customer lifetime value. If you want your business to …

Customer Lifetime Value

Proven SaaS Customer Success Best Practices to Increase Lifetime Value

4 – min read Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of any SaaS enterprise operating within today’s new subscription economy. The digital transformation of business has led to an explosion …

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Experience

2 – min read Lately, I’ve started building a SaaS Dashboard for my own usage (which I’ll be happy to share with others as well) and I have put …

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