Engage your customers with a Valentine’s Day email. Show them you care.

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a holiday for couples to celebrate their love, but it’s also simply a special day to show appreciation to those who are important to you – including your customers! While you may not be able to hand-deliver any sweet treats to your customers this year, we can help you send a little digital token of appreciation to them this Valentine’s Day with three FREE email templates that can be customized and ready to send in less than 15 minutes. You can check them out on our FREE self-service platform. 

In this digital world that we are living in, it’s important to regularly engage with your customers in a digital format. Communication and active engagements with your customers are both key to retention and often the gateway to customer growth. However, scaling the appropriate engagement model can be a major challenge. This is why Totango’s Campaigns are such a valuable tool. These Campaigns make email automation and traditional email marketing easier than ever. They are a simple, intuitive, and scalable way to automatically engage with every single user in your customer base with the right message at the right time based on their behavior and actions.

How [Email] Campaigns Work

With Totango, you can automatically trigger email communications based on events, time, or other criteria to send relevant, personalized, and meaningful messages, such as onboarding help, new feature overviews, and milestone check-ins with incredible precision. Totango allows you to segment on a very fine, granular level using many more data points than other systems, so you can create hyper-targeted campaigns. You can then track the performance of these activities based on measurable goals. With Campaigns, you are able to go beyond mere open and click rates and track the impact of your messages by whether customers actually use your product more. This way, you can iterate and refine your messages based on what is having the most impact on product adoption. 

Start Spreading the Love

What better time to start engaging with your customers in an authentic and scalable way than Valentine’s Day? Go to the Campaigns tab in any of your SuccessBLOCs to get started using Campaigns and show your customers some Valentine’s love today!

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