Fall 2023 G2 Awards recognize Totango as a Leader in helping customers drive business outcomes

G2 Fall Leader

It’s that time! G2, the software industry’s largest and most trusted marketplace, unveiled its 2023 fall report, and Totango earned a staggering 49 badges, including 31 category leader badges. “Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Success Software and “Leader” in Grid® Report for Customer Data Platform are two of our favorites and clearly demonstrate our commitment to driving customer business results.

Totango, customer success software your business can’t outgrow, provides unlimited scalability and unmatched time to value that helps cross-functional enterprise teams drive productivity, retention, and expansion. We’re thrilled our customers realize the outsized potential of using Totango software, and we’re especially grateful to the G2 participants for sharing their first-hand perspectives with the wider CS community.

Totango accelerates revenue retention and customer growth

Last month at Totango Live!, we discussed how—in today’s competitive and volatile environment—driving consistent growth is hard, acquiring new customers is expensive—as much as 5X more expensive to win a new customer—and securing retention is key. That’s why many CEOs and executive boards are turning to customer success teams to be the drivers for business growth. Recognition as a leading software that helps customer-facing teams identify, align, and build the success plans to secure revenue retention and expansion is paramount—and just one of the reasons we’re committed to building an evermore open and integrated ecosystem providing businesses with the most holistic understanding of their customer needs.

“Our aim has been to provide our team with far more visibility and actionability with respect to data, both internally (i.e., vital business trends) and externally (i.e., customer health). To date, we have already realized notable benefits, as Totango has allowed us to integrate multiple, previously-disparate data sources for far more holistic analysis and insight generation.”—Mid-market business leader

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Success software

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Data Platform (CDP) software

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Revenue Optimization software


Totango enables CS teams to provide value quickly

Businesses of all sizes come to Totango looking to accelerate support and results for their customers quickly—ideally with just a click of a button. This demand is just one reason why we put SuccessBLOCs at the heart of our software. Pre-built customer success program templates embedded with industry best practices and expert knowledge, SuccessBLOCs help businesses of any size get started and customize their programs to their business goals. From managing onboarding projects to maximizing team productivity or driving community engagement—as with our new Higher Logic partnership—we provide dozens of out-of-the-box SuccessBLOCs to fit businesses’ often changing and growing needs.

“In general, Totango offers relatively straightforward, low-lift integrations/implementation; helpful off-the-shelf templates for action planning; and very user-friendly, data-driven insights, visualizations, and functionality. It has allowed us to provide far more holistic visibility and understanding to our team, as well as far more actionability with regard to our data.” —Mid-market business leader


“Most Implementable” in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Customer Success software

“Fastest Implementation” in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Customer Success software


Totango makes onboarding efficient and easy

Hot take! “It’s really important that customer journey mapping is a cross-functional effort across the organization,” as Kristen Hayer, CEO of The Success League, shared during Totango Live! Identifying, mapping, and utilizing a customer journey map is critical to the success of your business—and providing the most valuable touchpoints for your customers. That being said, we agree with Kristen that for the best results, the journey map must be treated as a cross-functional tool that is revisited, tested, and iterated. Totango supports this cross-functional effort through various SuccessBLOCs and curricula that make the mapping process purposeful for your business and your customers.

“Totango offers a comprehensive customer journey mapping and success planning interface for all phases of the client lifecycle–from acquisition and onboarding through adoption and value actualization with growth and renewal. Visibility, segmentation, and executive reporting are tremendous strong suits for this platform, as is individual contributor planning and task-tracking.”—Juan G., Senior Vice President of Customer Success, Enterprise


“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Journey Mapping software

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Client Onboarding software

“Highest User Adoption” in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Customer Journey Mapping software


Committed to growing with your business

Last month, we announced two new partnerships and nine new technology integrations to further support businesses in their efforts to deliver customer results, secure retention, and drive expansion. These partnerships and innovations reflect our commitment to open and integrated CS software that will equip customer success teams to take the reins as growth drivers for their organizations. Thank you to all our customers and G2 participants who recognize this pivotal opportunity for CS and how Totango supports this mission. If you missed Totango Live!, you can register to watch it here, learn more about our announcements on our blog, or share your review of Totango here.

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