Growing The Customer Success Category: Totango’s $100M Funding

Totango gets $100million in Funding and thanks customers

Today, I’m very excited to announce that we raised $100M in a Series D funding led by Great Hill Partners with participation from our long-time investors: Pitango, Canvas, and BGV. Our “overnight success” took a decade. When we founded Totango, the customer success category did not exist – we had to invent it. Our lean and mean team worked very closely with our customers, who supported our vision. Today with thousands of customers, exponential growth, and significant financial backing, the future looks bright and exciting.

In 2021, it’s clear that every business needs customer success technology. All businesses, whether a small startup or a large global enterprise, are governed by the same high standards of customer expectation: “Show me value, fast, all the time, or else I’m moving on…”. It mandates businesses to design customer journeys focused on driving rapid value to customers – even before the first sale. Concepts like a free trial, freemium, onboarding, product adoption, risk detection, and net revenue retention (NRR) are at the core of business success now.

Our mission is to democratize customer success with technology by making it frictionless and accessible to all businesses. Our focus is on ease of use and agility. Making customer success easy to learn, easy to get started, easy to get value and grow. This concept is behind our product-led-growth strategy and why we launched the industry’s first and only free customer success platform, a flexible pricing model, and regularly publish tons of free content and out-of-the-box journey templates. Agility comes from modularity. We witness every day, how our customers, big and small, are using SuccessBLOCs, to design, run, measure, and optimize every part of your customer journey all-in-one, allowing for accelerated adoption, business performance as well as to customer Wow!. Our exponential growth demonstrates that our commitment to ease of use and agility is working and the market is responding very well to it.

There’s a lot we can do with $100M, especially since we got here with much less – and we are planning to do it – continuing to invest in our product innovation, scale our platform and team and work toward our mission of making customer success easy and frictionless.

Our exceptional and committed Totango team and I would like to thank our more than 5000 customers and users. Please keep demanding more from us – we love it – that is what makes us so much better!

Best Regards,

Guy Nirpaz,
Founder & CEO

P.S. Want to get in on the action? We are hiring hundreds of people across the globe. Apply today to grow your career with us. If you’re new to customer success and want to learn more, sign up for a FREE account today.

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